Peacock Cichlid quickly sick dying & large white spots

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by boilerwxman, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. boilerwxmanNew MemberMember

    75 gallon tank
    Ammonia and Nitrite = 0
    Nitrate = 40

    I don't have my current levels but I am 2 days past my weekly water changes. 75 gallon cichlid tank. Already treating my big German red peacock for bloat in a 10 gallon quarantine tank (wasn't eating or spitting food out, had white stringy poo) the first round of treatment didn't work so went to clout.

    The last 2 days I have been treating and soaking the food for my cichlids in the main tank with a half tablet of Tetra Parasite Guard.

    While focusing on the German Red the other cichlids (mostly peacocks) acted and seemed fine. Well after feeding last night my other large red peacock was acting strange near the surface & not eating this morning. When my wife got home 6 hours later it was swimming on its side upside down and had these large white dots on him. She said it wasn't fuzzy but as of the scales lost all their color. Photos attached When I get home I am going to do a large water change, clean my filters (I know not to rinse my bio filter with tap water) also I have two. Canisters.

    That fish has been removed to a 5 gallon tank but we don't have a filter and it appears as good as gone sadly. I just didn't want it in the tank while I'm at work and wife is away. Now I want to prevent any other loss. I need to know what I should do to protect these fish or the rest I have as I finish the treatment of my other fish. Thank you. I will have more info after I am done with work fish02.jpgfish01.jpg
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  2. tunastrackWell Known MemberMember

    I am not sure what is going on with your fish. Sorry to hear they are not well. However I have read in a lot of different places that soaking their food in Tetra Parasite Guard is not recommended by Tetra or other hobbist. I think you should so some reading up/googling on this. I am thinking it could be possible that your fish are having a reaction? I am no where near an expert tho. However good luck hun!
  3. boilerwxmanNew MemberMember

    Well it is on the entire top of its head it looks like a large blister and it is also on the bottom. It spread very fast.
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