Peaceful Betta Care Guide


Peaceful Betta
(Betta imbellis)

Common names: Peaceful betta, Crescent betta,

Size: 6cm

pH: 5.5-7.0

Tempº: 24ºC - 29ºC

Tank region: Middle Top layer

Origin: Malaysia

Gender: Males are red and blue, females grey. Males have longer fins.

Notes: This is a fish that was named appropriately. Whilst the males will fight, (Thus multiple must not be kept in the same aquarium!) they are very peaceful to other species in the aquarium and don’t stand such a good chance of being nipped as the ‘standard’ Betta - B.splendens.

These fish also readily accept their own kind (With the exception of males accepting other males) which means they can be kept in small groups in the aquarium. These fish are good jumpers, and should have a cover over the tank to prevent this. When kept in a quiet and peaceful community – these fish will become real stars of the aquarium!
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