Peaceful 60 Gallon

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    Hi All!
    I have what I call my peaceful tank. It's a 60 gallon high and presently holds four gold gouramis (1 male, 3 female), 2 angels (sex as yet unknown), one red tailed shark and one 4" pleco. Everyone gets along just great and it's a very relaxing tank to observe. I'd now like to add one more pair or trio that might get along with my permanent residents! Any suggestions? I'm running two aquaclear 70's. Something with a little color would be great. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    welcome to fishlore!!!!!(if i havent already :) )

    how long have you had the tank setup? im asking because the fish you have in there, dont usually get along in that type of tank....once they get use to the space, they can be very territorial and not get along as well as they have..

    in a 60g tall tank, you are maxed out IMO...gouramis dont usually play nice in a tank and need their own space to have old are the gouramis? i have a gold at work and she wouldnt ever tolerate another gourami, let alone 3 more...they are very territorial fish and in a taller tank, theres not much room for them to have of their own horizontally space.........if you angels are a pair, they are going to cause major issues if they spawn....your rts, pretty much controls the bottom but with a bunch of hiding spots, you could get away with a school of cories...

    id love to see pics if you can!! this tank is my dream tank for angels :)
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    This tank has been going for about a year. All I can say is there are no problems what-so-ever. The angels, I realize, will be moved if they do pair up. They are only about 4 months. But for the time being all is well. My camera is out of commission, so no pics for a while!