Pea Puffers... What Size Tank


HI guys,

I have seen so many different things about pea Puffers (dwarf puffers) and just wondered if anyone has any experience or knows more than I do.

I would like around 4 pea Puffers and was going to be putting them in a 20 gallon. Which I thought was going to be okay. However. I have now seen somewhere else that if there is not enough territory then they are going to kill each other...

The tank will be heavily planted with many hiding spaces but I'm just wondering if keeping a group is a good idea or I should maybe just get 1 and put him/ her in a 7 gallon similar to my betta tank?

I have kept a range of fish but never puffers and just wanted someones opinion!
Hope someone can help.


Pea puffers are about a cm in length. In my experience, a 20-gallon tank is far too big for these guys with that small of a group. for 4 puffers I recommend a 10 gallon aquarium. They live great in groups and these are species only tanks. I have had up to 10 pea puffers in a 10 gallon tank without aggression since I added them at the same time. Good luck!


You could get away with 3 females and a male in a 20 long, but I wouldn't do it in a 20 tall. I've been told that 2 females and 1 male are a better situation.


You should be ok, but odd numbers are best, with the majority being female. As long as you have plenty of hiding places and line of sight breaks, you shouldn't really have any aggression issues.

I currently have 3 in a 29 gal, and I'm planning on adding around 6 or 8 more. The little buggers are addicting!
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Thank you guys for all your responses. Will deffo be getting some. Maybe 5 in a 20g!! With lots of hiding spaces of course

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