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Discussion in 'Puffers' started by Quibbles, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Quibbles

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    I am thinking about starting a pea puffer tank... a ten gallon with about three fish. I know very little about the fish, I know they are aggressive, and when they get bored they go on killing sprees, and they love snails in a entree type of way, but that is about it. Could you maybe educate me a bit? I was really confused when I saw them in the same tank as a crayfish at the LFS. I thought you couldn't keep them with anything. Could they be with shrimp? Seems like they would chomp them up... Is ten gallons enough for three pea puffers?
  2. Nicoldeme

    NicoldemeValued MemberMember

    Bumping you back up :)
  3. BlackNotebookTanks

    BlackNotebookTanksWell Known MemberMember

    Okie dokie info blast!

    So! Pea puffers require a size of around 3 gallons each, which is good in your tank. Three would be the perfect little school size. Pea puffers, although small, are highly aggressive and will pretty much attack anything. The reason they are in with crayfish, is because the Cray's can defend themselves. Pufferfish have powerful jaws and can deliver a nasty bite, however I'm not sure about the smaller ones. When your adding them to your tank its VERY important that they are added to an established, cycled aquarium. Preferably with some live plants Live plants, and lots of them, lessen aggression levels in a tank. It’s important that tank is balanced and completely set, since these fish are very sensitive to ammonia and nitrates content in the tank water.Water changes are a must, and should be carried out bi weekly / weekly. They can foul the water very quickly with uneaten food. They like temperatures between 22-26C and a pH of around 6 or 7 is perfect for these guys. Don't worry if you're a little under or over as these guys are quite adaptable. Also, they don't like strong water flow (mainly because of their small fins) and are like Betta fish in the sense that their fins arent very effective at traveling against current. And one last thing, aquarium salt is a huge no-no. Its been proven to severely shorten their lifespans but why is a mystery (or I just haven't found the right article yet!).

    Also, these guys don't just like snails, they need them in their diet. I'd recommend adding some acute bladder snails (abs) into your tank as these guys are like the snail herpes of Aquariums. They breed like nuts, so you'll never have to worry about your puffers eating them all. Plus, they clean soft algae! Bloodworms (or daphnia) are a must amongst dwarf puffers. They simply adore frozen foods. Puffers hunt in a strange way. They stay above their target and study it for a while (usually a snail or worm), then they will attack the snail when the moment is right. This can take a while, and leaves a bit of uneaten food. Puffers are highly intelligent little critters and I'm looking into getting over myself. They can even recognise their owners! A friend of mine has a lone pea puffer who is rather aggressive and its hilarious to watch it swim angrily around its tank preying on snails! (Or maybe that just me anthropomorphising) Any other questions, just ask! I'm happy to help. I hope you have a fantastic time with your puffers!
  4. OP

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    Awesome! I have three tanks infested with bladder snails, and I can feed him those. I have to fish them out all the time to get rid of them. My tank parameters are perfect, and I am really into aquatic plants, I heavily plant all of my tanks. Thank you so much for your help!
  5. BlackNotebookTanks

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    Fantastic! Looks like your definitely ready for some peas! Hope you enjoy keeping these curious little anger management balls
  6. OP

    QuibblesValued MemberMember


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