Pea puffer tank mates


hi everyone. I have got a 10 gallon tank with a small bristlenose pleco and i am getting 2 pea puffers tomorrow. i have 2 questions
1. will the pea puffer nip at the bn's fins (even though it is a short finned)?
2. is this tank already fully stocked? If not, what can i add to it?

I am going to remove the bn once it outgrows this tank.


Pea puffers are known to be fin nippers.
You will definitely need to keep an eye to make sure they don't.


I have no personal experience with puffers but I’ve heard they can be aggressive amongst themselves too. I’d watch for any nipping like already mentioned and any aggression between the two. Make sure you have plenty of coverage.

I personally don’t think you should and anymore fish. Even a small pleco is still a heavy waste producer and puffers are messy little fish.


Add snails for puffer food .

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