Pea Puffer Help Question

  1. TheCrazyFishGuy Member Member

    For awhile now I have been considering buying a pea puffer or two. I know very little about them other than that they are fairly intelligent and quite interesting to watch. What size tank do I need? What is their hardiness? Can the live well in pairs? What to feed them? Tank mates?
  2. Moe98 Initiate Member

    I am commenting just to see the responses! They've peaked my curiosity as well.
  3. dwarfpufferlover Member Member

    The general rule is 1 male per 2 females, I didn't follow that. Mine HATED the hob, I have switched them to a sponge filter but there lies another problem. They like heavily planted tanks and the sponge filter doesn't do much of any cleaning like a hob can do ex. sucking up debris and moving algae off plants. I have a male and female they've been in a 10 gallon and currently a 15 gallon and now I'm forced to move them into a 5 gallon. This is wrong though. They need 5 gallons per puffer, but i can get away with it because they've been tank mates 2 years now and aren't aggressive towards each other. Tank mates of other species is a big no, they are defiantly species only.

    Bloodworms and MTS are their favorites things to eat, My male seems to either have IP or is starving himself because he eats less and less everyday no matter what i try. $50 deep into meds but still no solution in sight.

    They also like more softer acidic water but they are hardy, my LFS has the same water as i do so they were already acclimated to my 8.2PH hard water. Mine sleep on the driftwood or any hanging leaf plant much like a betta would do. If you're going to have them in a small tank, every corner needs to have a cut off whether it be rocks, plants or driftwood to cut back on aggression. good luck
  4. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    Try soaking your food in Garlic Guard by Seachem to get your puffer to eat.
  5. dwarfpufferlover Member Member

    Oh trust me I have
  6. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    @TheCrazyFishGuy Seriously fish (website) recommends 2-3 gallons per puffer. You could do 4 in a 10 gallon tank and it would be 101% stocked.

    They do better in groups since they're little aggressive fishies:)
  7. dwarfpufferlover Member Member

    yikes, I have to respectfully disagree with that, 3 in a 10 gallon is pushing it and thats if its 1 male and 2 females. Like the data base on here and some information on seriously fish it can be wrong too, and again not being rude but doing better in groups is not correct, they establish territories within the tank and get angry whenever crossed especially if one is trying to get a blood worms in his/her territory while feeding
  8. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    I was told they do better in groups because they are bullies and to spread out the bullying. Much like bloodfin tetras.

    My girlfriend is setting up a 10 Gallon tank - I will recommend she go with 1 male/2 females
  9. dwarfpufferlover Member Member

    no you are right, and actually many can vary on personality. In small numbers though with limited space its always best to go low and weigh out if any problems come about rather than knowingly overload and have problems from the start. The 10 gallon was perfect for my pair so good luck
  10. TheCrazyFishGuy Member Member

    A few mixed answers, but after some research of my own, along with the great info from you all, I think I will wait until I can afford a larger (maybe 50 gallon?) tank so I can comfortably accommodate 1 male and 2 females and not have to monitor the water parameters as much. Thank you all for your help :)
  11. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    Water parameters are not your issue, you can easily keep 3 in a 10 Gallon worry-free.

    The issue is more the aggressiveness/territorial nature of them
  12. TheCrazyFishGuy Member Member

    Oh ok thank you