Pea Puffer Biotope Build

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    Im working on upgrading my 5-6 gallon puffer tank to a 10 gallon puffer biotope tank. Looking to put 2 maybe 3 puffers in the 10. I’m going for a river-like biotope similar to the Pumba River with a tangle of driftwood, rock and heavily planted.

    Here’s what I have so far:
    Dirted capped with river sand collected locally.
    Driftwood collected locally.
    Rocks collected locally.
    Aquaclear 20 filter
    Aqueon adjustable heater (not very happy with)
    Versa top lid

    On order:
    Nicrew light 7500k 360 lumen

    The biggest problem is finding and choosing biotope appropriate plants. Finding info on the native plants isn’t hard but there is quite a bit of conflicting info.

    Here’s the plant list I’ve compiled so far:
    Ceratopphyllum demersum
    Erocaulon setaceum
    Hydrilla verticillata
    Utricularia auera
    Aponogeton appendiculatas
    Blyxa auberii
    Cabomba caroliniana
    Ottelia alismoides
    Vallisnaria natans

    Haven’t confirmed if these are natives or not:
    Cambomba aquatica
    Crypt undulata
    Hygrophila corymbosa
    Hygrophila difformis
    Limnophila sessilflora
    Nymphea stellata
    Rotala macranda
    Vesicularia dubyana
    Java fern

    Want to pick 3 maybe 4 species to plant the tank. Leaning towards cambomba, blyxa, nymphea.

    Thoughts and input appreciated.
  2. OP

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    Some pictures so far: 25EC3B25-61B9-402B-93BC-E7255D0102CE.jpeg 368BEF4A-1CF2-4FCD-95E7-789F17CFFC5E.jpeg 011448A1-889A-4046-9FCD-BDF40B60EF43.jpeg
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