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Discussion in 'Pond Fish' started by TamiR, May 25, 2019.

  1. TamiR Valued Member Member

    So I am looking to start a stock tank patio pond...probably will be around 40-50 gallons. I live in Florida, so we have pretty good year round temps. The pond would not ever be in direct sun as my patio is covered and it will sit in the corner under the cover. So a couple of questions...first, what type of plants can I use that can handle not getting direct sun? Second, fish stocking: I am reading that WCMM and guppies are recommended for smaller patio ponds but I would like something a bit bigger. What type of fish could I keep in there? I realize goldfish would not be the best idea...but could I get something like cherry barbs? Or are there other suggestions on what I could stock that wouldnt be tiny?

  2. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    Some people keep swordtails or bettas in their patio ponds.
    Of course that requires the correct planting though.
    Maybe loaches?
    A pleco?
    3 plecos? Lol
    A school of cories? Plus top schooling fish?
    I think loaches would be cool so they could come wiggle up to you for feeding.
    You could probably do most anything so long as you can ensure the water doesn't get below certain temps say 66.
    No idea what the coldest in florida is :D lol

  3. TamiR Valued Member Member

    I mean, we can get down to 40 or so during January basically....but it depends on the year as to how cold our "winters" get. I could bring them in for that short time if need be I am sure..but I really want to do cherry barbs.

  4. Daniebaby Valued Member Member

    How did the pond set up go?

    Have you thought about mosquito fish? They are native and thrive here in Florida. Some areas give them away for free. My county doesn't but if they did, I would definitely have a small pond set for them. I currently have gold fish in a big patio pond and they are thriving.
  5. TamiR Valued Member Member

    I did think about mosquito fish...they are given away free in Sarasota County but not Manatee county where I live. Also, I believe they are very tiny and I really want something larger that I can actually see when I sit by the pond. I will probably do a couple of fancy golds (currently, there are cherry barbs in there, but I am going to bring them inside in my 20 gal as soon as I finish getting it ready.) As far as how the pond set up you go, tell me what you think: [​IMG]
  6. Magicpenny75 Well Known Member Member

    That is beautiful! I thought it was a photo of what you wanted your tub to look like, not what it actually did lol. Goals!
    Have you looked into Gold Barbs? They get bigger than cherries and might fit the bill nicely, as I understand they can handle lower temperatures (into the low 60s). Don't forget that your pond temp will not get as cold as the air does unless it stays cold for a day or so, and with mild FL winters you could put a heater in there for a couple of weeks if needed?
    This book was a huge help to me and offers some good suggestions for tub-fish:
  7. TamiR Valued Member Member

    LOL that is what the pond actually looks like, thanx for the compliment. I thought it came out pretty fantastic myself. Gold barbs are definitely under consideration, problem is, I probably would have to order them online, not sure if I want to go to the expense of shipping live fish....but I am thinking about it.
  8. Daniebaby Valued Member Member

    Wow!!! That is beautiful and I'm officially ashamed of my pond. What kind of plants do you have? That tall one is amazinh!
  9. Daniebaby Valued Member Member

    Also, what kind of tub is that? Did you make it?
  10. TamiR Valued Member Member

    The tall plants from left to right are: dwarf papyrus, corkscrew rush, lucky bamboo..I also have a Taro (elephant ear) plant that has put out two new tall leaves since this pic was taken...I also have a bluebell which is supposed to flower, a hardy lily that keeps putting out new leaves, water poppy, parrots feather, hornwort and some red root floaters. Most of the plants I bought from and they all seem to be doing very well. The lucky bamboo and the houseplants in the filter bucket I made I got at Home Depot.
  11. TamiR Valued Member Member

    The tub is a 40 gallon stock tank from Tractor Supply. We had the bamboo leftover from our lanai remodel so hubby put it on the tub for me to decorate it up. I bought the rope from Michael's...then I bought a cheap (plastic) bucket from Home Depot and we added lava rock and a cycled sponge to create a filter...seems to be working very well.
  12. Daniebaby Valued Member Member

    Amazing. Take a trip down south a bit and help me fancy mine up? Lol jk
  13. TamiR Valued Member Member

    It really did come out better than I expected...I am completely in love with it! Thank you for the compliments.