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I have 7 tanks in total, my fiancé has a few as well which I will also post pics of here.
We do lots of experiments and several of my tanks are “in progress” but I will post completed tanks here for now. Maybe later I will add the others as a sort of progression journey. I wanted someplace to type that stuff up anyway and maybe it could help someone else.

First up is my 5 gallon pea puffer tank


Fish and inverts:
1 pea puffer “detective munch”
(And occasionally for short periods of time a couple pond snails)

Dwarf Lilly (we’ll see if I can keep it trimmed back enough)
Peacock moss and a Marimo moss ball

10-15 gallon hang on back with a plastic bottle to break the current
1 spongefilter
Got the tank and old school irradescent hood at the lfs for 20 bucks and put in a 10w night light.
A small pump runs the sponge filter and a bubble stone in the back of the hanging back filter.

Got the center rock at the local fish store
And the black and white stones at Walmart (I might swap out the remaining white stones for black)
A peice Quartz that I found
Amethyst from the internet
And a marble I also found

Next up is my 29 gallon community


1 moonlight gourami “Benny”
8 Pygmy corydoras”the tiny dancers”
9 corydoras aenues (5 albino 4 bronze) “the jets”
1 albino bristlenose pleco “rocketman”
2 mystery snails
2 nerite snails
Pond and trumpet snails

1 sword
1 dwarf Lilly
Sagittarius grass
Peacock moss and Marimo moss ball

Got the tank for 15 bucks at goodwill
A heater
60 gallon hang on back with a bottle to divert current
A bubble curtain and air stones that are run by the same pump I use on two other tanks

Dragonstone and red river stone
More stone from the lfs for the caves
A peice of wood I attached the moss too
White gravel over the bubble stone so I don’t have sand flying everywhere

I want to bury the air hoses more but that would require cutting and measuring more airline and the plants will cover them mostly eventually lol
I’m trying to get the dwarf Lilly to grow all around the tank that’s why the leaves are placed as such.

The shrimp, snail, and guppy breeder.

Fish and inverts
Feeder guppy fry
8 cherry shrimp
2 mystery snails
Trumpet snails and pond snails

Crypts all around
Peacock moss and Marimo ball
Dwarf hairgrass
And lace leaf apongs

Walmart white stones
Cholla wood
Moss bridge from lfs turned sideways

30 gallon sponge filter
Walmart led

My goal with this tank was breeding as much as possible. The guppy fry will come out when they grow out of the tank but the shrimp and snails are permenant and everyone but the shrimp has been reproducing in this tank pretty harmoniously. The shrimp currently have their first set of eggs but we will see if they carry them all the way through to term.

20 long (same footprint as a 30 so calm down stocking police) Tetraodon miurus puffer tank/ horrible attempt at a Congo river biotope

1 Tetraodon miurus puffer(my profile pic)
(He’s also partially buried in bottom right corner of tank pic)

2 Anubias (according to my research the only biotope appropriate plant besides the moss on lava rock as there is volcanic activity around the DRC.)
2 apongs
Moss on lava rock
Marimo moss ball cut in half to look like a shrub
There are no carpeting plants, the two patches are also just moss on smooth rocks

I want to remove all plants that aren’t in the Congo in some way,
for instance I think the Anubias nana is the one more commonly used in a Congo biotope but I am okay with my tank just having some kind of Anubias to represent that. And the same with every other plant

Still working on the hardscape here
It’s hard because I want lots of wood but the puffer can potentially hurt himself on sharp edges
I also want a cave but can’t seem to find that perfect rock to go with the red lava rock

10 gallon med/quarantine

I set this tank up in a pinch awhile ago when I got my first sick fish. Over time I have put a little life/death metaphor into the tank with the plants growing from the skulls in the barren sort of scape, and I think it’s actually become one of my favorite tanks because of that. I won’t bother with lists of equipment for this one as you can see it all anyway. There’s a shy red Betta in there right now recovering from a fungus removal procedure and she’s doing just great. Her name is katlin. Like katlin stark from game of thrones but I don’t think I’m spelling it right.

5 gallon recovery/quarantine/plant nursery

Once a fish has been treated long enough in the ten gallon, if I can’t let them recover in the 10 gallon (medicine dosages are usually default for ten gallons) I put them here in my little plant nursery and watch them. It’s pretty much the same setup as my pea puff as far as equipment goes - the sponge, heater and aeration stone

10 gallon goldfish tank/ filter experiment

This is Fred the goldfish, Fred loves his ten gallon because Fred was supposed to be a feeder goldfish. I however recognized Fred’s magnificence and rescued him from said fate lol

The filter is diy and is activated carbon bioballs and lava rock, the air stone at the bottom lifts water through the bottle as the air rises creating what is essentially a sponge filter and the more media you add the more bioload you hold, the lava rack around the bottom of the intake is my attempt at maximizing that/ hiding the goofy blue sponge around the bottle opening

The deco is sand substrate with a clay good luck pig and lava rock.

Before you ask, yes this tank is cycled, and yes this goldfish will be in my pond this summer.

If you read this far here is my bonus Dark Souls themed wild caught fence lizard tank.
(It’s not a fish but I’m still pretty proud of the scape)
image.jpg he sits in between my two med tanks and interacts with the fish it’s actually really neat to watch him watch the fish swim around.

If anyone cares, his name is puff, he is a fence lizard or blue belly lizard who’s habitat was destroyed by the construction company I work for. They aren’t endangered or anything but when I found the little guy he was missing his tail living under a porta potty. And (brace yourself for another game of thrones reference) winter was coming. So he hunkered down with me ever since. I guess you could say he’s the most important tank I have cause it’s actually the tank that got me back into keeping aquariums.

While I’m here and I have the time here are my fiance’s Tanks, she has had trouble with depression in her life and I don’t think I’ve ever seen something bring her around like keeping aquariums, I’m still trying to get her to make an account on here so I will just post pictures and not go into as much detail about her tanks as I did mine. She has some betta fry growing in a ten gallon, a dwarf gourami ten gallon and a Betta ten gallon that are not pictured below.

Beta sorority


30 gal community (similar to mine but with lower stocking levels)


Welp that’s everything from me and even a preview of some tanks that aren’t my own, I think that’s all for this main post and I will post tank updates on the future if documenting it all here holds my interest either way it’s a good page for someone to look at if they wanna think of keeping the same fish as me. Everyone seems to be healthy and happy and or recovering from shipment/lfs conditions really well.
All of the tanks you see have been set up long enough to all be cycled but they were started at various different times so the updates (if I make any) will be more to comment on the stability and longevity of the setups. I’m sure it all looks cool but I think it will be cooler and more helpful to people when I can document how long the tanks were setup for and how well they ran/how easy they were to maintain while running. I feel like that will be good info for people to have and I would like to contribute that over time. And if you haven’t noticed I have a soft spot for rescuing animals in bad situations.

My feeder guppies came from a pregnant feeder I rescued she had the babies almost as soon as I got her into a stress free environment, you’ve met puff the lizard rescue, I also have a rescued garden snail that hitched a ride in a ladies seashell bag from California to Colorado. And my goldfish was also destined to be Oscar food. If people are interested in more details on those stories I can post pics of all my weird animal rescues along with a little story of what the animal went through to come into my care and my plans (if any) for rehibilatation and release back to the wild. As you can tell if you’ve read this far I have absolutely zero reserves about rambling on and on in run on sentence laden, stream of thought based paragraphs that would make any good grammar enthusiast cringe. But finally after three attempts or so to sign off on this post, the time has come, thanks for stopping by!

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Tanks look great, I especially like the pea puffer tank the way you’ve done the substrate, I’d like to do something similar but my corys would have that reorganised in no time!

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Tanks look great, I especially like the pea puffer tank the way you’ve done the substrate, I’d like to do something similar but my corys would have that reorganised in no time!
Yes I have that problem in my community tank, I tried everything, I thought I had outsmarted them when I put a mesh sack of lava rock down first and covered it with sand but they just dug it up and laughed in my face lol
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Oh I forgot to add a pic of the whole room!


Everything you see is run off of three air pumps at the moment. I plan on replacing every filter I can for sponge filtration and then I plan on putting all the air hoses from every tank onto one line run by one pump. Most of the hang on backs will then be phased out( I think I will always need them for my messy puffers) and the ones that remain will be linked to a single line and surge protector.
I also plan to connect all the lights to a single line and timer and any incandescent bulbs will be swapped for similarly colored LEDs
The goal is a low maintenance multI tank setup that consumes the least amount of power
And has the most filtration possible while being power outage proof.
For example if the power goes out and all my filters (or at least 1 filter in every tank) is run off of air, then all I gotta do is plug in my battery powered pump until the power comes back on and keep a few tanks(those dern puffers) warm.

After all that is complete the goal is build a rack/hood for all of the tanks.
A rack sounds like a lot of work so what will probably happen is I will buy nice ish goodwill furniture at various heights so that the top of all of my tanks are at the same height and then build a hood over that.
Anyone reading this feel no need to reply, it’s more of a shared document of my plan, this string of posts could very well end with a post that says “ I never did any of those things” but that’s the goal, it’ll just take a little money and time
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5 gallon med tank rescape (red Betta fungus free
1 red Betta
1 ghost shrimp
1 mystery snail
A trumpet snail

10 gallon med tank rescape. (I guess they aren’t med tanks anymore
7 white clouds
2 gold white clouds
1 longfin whitecloud

Fred the goldfish got his own 30 gallon Rubbermaid tote today so his old tank is the new med tank, but I’m happy to say it’s empty and all fish are looking healthy.
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Tank room update. All tanks are now run off of 1 airpump.
ALL the lights are on a timer
Next up is a bigger airpump and more sponge filters.

Fred got a 30 gallon temporarily indoor pond

The Pygmys got moved to the guppy tank.


The guppies got moved into Fred’s rescaped 10 to be moved to Fred’s 30 gal pond after he gets a outdoor home for the summer.


The 30 got a little attention as well and everyone seems happier with more space.


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