parrotfish buddies?

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    effiefish New Member Member

    im going to put my oscar in a 55g. tank soon,just wandering could i also add my 2 pleco? also im left with my 20g.tank wich has 1 parrotfish.what other fish are good to add?? ???
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I think your plecos would be okay with your oscar, depending on the temperament of your oscar. Some are meaner than others. As far as the blood parrot, I'm afraid the 20 gallon will have to be upgraded as soon as you can get a bigger tank. My research tells me that they can grow up to 8 inches, which is say too big of a fish for a 20 gallon tank. How big is he now?
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    Darrylsr New Member Member

    Many people put Their Oscars in the tank with other fish. Be careful because you might wake up with just one fish that oscar. Do alittle reseach before you decide thats all. I put a Oscar in my tank with 2 blood parrots and the oscar ended up floating at the top with his eyes missing