Parrot Laid Eggs

  1. George Johnston

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    I've had a parrot for 2 months and I only have the 1 of them and today she laid eggs? I have a baby oscar which I put in the tank a couple of days ago if he has anything to do with it I have no other breeds of cichlids in the tank.. do they not need a male? Also there's no male parrot to fertilise them what should I do? And I've heard the success rate on parrots breeding is low cause there hybrids

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  2. KinsKicks

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    Don't worry about babies. Without a male, they won't be fertile. It's kinda like chicken eggs; they'll lay them when they want/need to, but there won't actually be any babies. So they'll turn white (infertile/dead) in 2-3 days, and if she or any other fish in your tank hasn't eaten them yet, scrap them off and remove them from your tank to avoid the decay

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
  3. OP
    George Johnston

    George Johnston New Member Member

    Oh right thanks!
    Does that mean then If say I had a parrot for years in a tank by itself it would still lay eggs as it hasn't see another parrot in atleast 2 months when I got her and when I bought her she was the only 1 in the shop?
  4. Princethepurplebetta

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    I have one that ive had for 15 years and shes never been around another parrot. She lays eggs every 3 months
  5. KinsKicks

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    Essentially yes. When your a girl full of eggs, sometimes gotta drop them :p.