Parrot Fish Bully Alert

  1. OneLittleBubble

    OneLittleBubble Well Known Member Member

    I have 2 parrot fish and a small gold severum that were all in a 30 gallon until this morning. I moved all of them except the one bully parrot into a new 55 gallon. (Will move severum when he grows up) My parrot fish that I left in the 30 is a real bully and chases the other parrot and severum out of his place until they are in the corner of the tank. Recently I also noticed my baby severum( I only have one and I forgot to mention that both of the fish getting bullied are smaller) had some nipped fins. Did the parrot do this? Will my parrot continue to bully when I put him in the 55? I am planning on moving him into the 55 once I get home at around 3:10, and the other fish have been in the 55 since 6:30. Is this enough time gap for them to claim their territory?
  2. aussieJJDude

    aussieJJDude Well Known Member Member

    Normally you want to wait a little longer, say a week for the fish to establish. However, in a lot of cases small tank sizes and lack of decor/hiding places can cause fish to bully others... so at most i would consider getting some more decor for the others to hide in like big plants, wood and stable rock piles.
  3. OP

    OneLittleBubble Well Known Member Member

    I have some small java fern and 1 big Madagascar lace plant. I also have a big piece of driftwood with lots of nooks and crannies inside.