Parrot Cichlid tank mates (and a tetra question) 50 Gallon Tank

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  1. e_watson09

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    Restocking my 50gal

    Okay I just edited this whole page sorry haha changed my mind about what I want.

    Well I'm rehomeing my 3 silver dollars and my 3 green severms because they just get too big.

    Okay so this is a 55gal and yes I am aware once the parrots get large it will be over stocked but I plan to either move them to a 75 or 90 or I'll sell them once they get too big.

    So this is what is staying in the tank...
    -3 Blood parrot cichlids (all about an inch or so)
    -5" Common pleco

    Then this is what I'm thinking about adding to the tank....
    -2 Bolivian Rams
    -Boesemani Rainbows (I'm thinking two or three)
    -2 Red Rainbows
    -1 Turquoise Rainbow (maybe two I'm not sure yet)
    -3-5 Snakeskin Barbs

    What do you think? Any other suggestions I'm not sure about all the rainbows yet I just know I want around 5 or 6 total.

    I'm also thinking about some kind of cory school or something maybe some otos.
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  2. Shawnie

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    ive never seen an inch parrot.....hmmm ...thats tiny .....but they most deff will out grow a 55g ..and they grow fast....although the stock doesnt sound bad (minus the parrots) you are going to have to do many water changes a week with the parrots and common pleco alone.....both are huge waste producers....
  3. platy ben

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    Yup Shawnies right!
    Heres a pic of my 2 parrots, I got the bigger one out of the 2 just under a year before the smaller one but it was the same size when I bought it, so look at the difference in about 9-10 months.

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  4. OP

    e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    They're between and inch and two inches I'm just ballparking it. And I know I'll have to do water changes often.

    I've had mine for over a year and they have grown a little but nothing significant. But they also are in the tank that my mom abandon. She didn't clean it or really anything for 3-5 months straight until I noticed (I'm a oblivious college kid that is taking a full load, working on the verge of full time, and I own horses so I don't pay attention to the house very much) I think it's been about a month now since I took it over so I'm worried their growth may be stunted from the nasty water conditions and I know originally we had close to 8 parrots in that tank so I don't know if they got pulled out or anything :-[ But when I noticed they would hide non stop you'd never see them out. Now that I've cleaned up the tank they're always out and swimming and they follow me when I walk by and they do the "feed me" dance haha :) so now that they're happier I'm hoping they'll grow but I know we've had them over a year and they havn't really grown much at all. Poor guys :(
  5. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    being a college student now a days, is a tough one on its own :) I know right now I have my daughters dog as her sports, school, and work are overwhelming......I cant imagine adding a few water changes on tanks will help with that stress you already have? understocking for such busy schedules is probably best ....but everyone has their limit :)
  6. OP

    e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    I love fish tanks lol I work at a fish store so water changes don't bother me and plus usually I get my 50 and my little 10 gal done in about 20min. So it's not really that big of deal to do a couple water changes haha I actually kind of enjoy it because after I get done my parrots come up to the top and dance around because they know I always give seaweed after I clean the tank haha.

    So I don't mind the extra water changes at all and plus I don't think my mom would let me get rid of the parrots even if I tried haha I'll wait until they outgrow the tank, if they ever do that is, and then I'll tell her either new tank or fishies have to get a new home.
  7. pinksprklmonkey

    pinksprklmonkeyValued MemberMember

    Just seems like a lot of extra work. Why not enjoy the beautiful fishies you already have instead of adding more? I'm a college student myself, and its hard to add extra, even just a little thing. Just saying. Good luck. :)
  8. OP

    e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    Eh it's not as bad now because before I was playing sports as well and lets just say I am most certainly a "fish nerd" as my friends call me haha I just love watching the different types of fish and learning about them and watching them in their day to day activities haha I just love them and I don't mind the work it takes for them I think they're beautiful.
  9. Nutter

    NutterFishlore VIPMember

    I'd say your stocking looks fine without the Parrots. I also think understocking is the way to go for you for the next few years. No need to burn yourself out. These things all add up over time. You will have more time to look after more fish when your done with college. :)
  10. OP

    e_watson09Well Known MemberMember

    haha I'm never giving up fish haha I've had my own tank since I was about 5. The only reason I want this one to be so pretty is because its the living room centerpiece basically. Whenever anyone comes over we're in that room the majority of the time so that's the only reason. I usually just do water changes the days I know I'm going to have to at work so then I don't really think anything of them haha.

    I'm a perfectionist about my tanks (except the salt I told my mom she's on her own with that one I don't like the way the water makes me itch) so they're almost always clean and perfect.

    Is there any other fish that would go nicely with them (I'm debating if I want some I'm still trying to decide)

    Some others I've found while researching what can go with parrots are...
    -congo tetras
    -giant danios
    -Spanner Barb
    -Cory Cats (which I think I do plan to add I'm not positive)
    -Black Skirt Tetra
    -Kribensis cichlid
    -Red tail shark

    I think I might add a RTS but I'm not sure I don't really like them because I know they can be mean