Parrot Cichlid Gill

  1. Skyy2112

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    Our parrot cichlid (bout 10 days in our tank) has a deformed gill on one side. Coloration is darker, and it appears to breathe more often the. i would think 'normal' I know these fish (parrot or blood parrot) are a hybrid fish, my gf really likes "Smiley" since they always appear to be smiling. Smiley is housed currently in a 40g, cycled, rockwall etc. currently with 3 other cichlids, two 2" firemouths that will be rehomed within a week, and another 3-4" cichlid we dont know the name of.

    Smileys behavior seems fine. Explores our rockwall, is a bit over territorial, (thus rehoming firemouths), loves pellets, Smiley loves going after them after the filter out knocks them lower in the water infront of her/his cave.

    Will attach photos after work tomorrow. Just wondering is this is from a disease, or such, if it will heal, would have posted sooner if we thought it was drastic, but Smiley seems very happy and content.
  2. chromedome52

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    It is a common deformity among these fish. It can affect their ability to breathe, but not significantly.
  3. OP

    Skyy2112 Valued Member Member

    Thanks! Thats basically what I thought.