Parasite and lck meds for scaleless fish?

Dillan Murphy

I'm going to be setting up a pea puffer tank in the near future, i know they are mostly wild caught and have internal parasites and lck. What should I treat them with, with them being scaleless?


You can turn up the temp to kill ick instead of using meds. Not sure on other parasites.


Prazipro usually takes care of internal parasites like worms, but some internal parasites like camallanus worms will need to be removed through either levamisole or fenebendazole (probably spelt that wrong). There's a lot of conflicting information on internal parasites as some say praziquantel is ineffective and you can only treat them with metronidazole in food, others say praziquantel in the water is all it takes and you don't need to medicate the food. I'm struggling a little too because I've bought general cure and prazipro, but now people are saying neither will work effectively.
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