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Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Nitemelodies, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. NitemelodiesValued MemberMember

    HI guys!

    So I just did my Water Testing on my 20 gal long

    My parameters are:
    Powerheads: 2x Nano 240s
    pH 8.2 Reactor: GFO and Carbon
    Ammo 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate <1mg/l
    Phos. <1mg/l
    Alk 6kH
    Calc. 280mg/l
    Salinity 1.026
    Temp 78-80 (raises at noon to 80 bc of lights/temp-open top)

    Pom Pom Xenia, Green Star Polyps, Multiple Hammer Corals, Frogspawn, Zoanthids
    I want to raise my Alk and Calcium but read you shouldnt up it more then 1 degree a day, or could cause more harm.

    I have Seachem Reef Fusion 1+2, it says add 1ml/25L(6.5 gal).
    It should contribute 4mg/l of Calc and .176meq/l kH

    What Would be the best way to raise my parameters?

    Heres a photo, I just got new Hammer corals so they arent open all the way, and the back wall isnt clean because i have 13+ baby Baby Trochus snails growing out! They wont die if i add the supplements right?

  2. SlugWell Known MemberMember

    When is this water being tested, in the tank right after WC? A day after WC? I'd test water you mix up right from the jugs before it goes into the tank and see what your baseline is if not doing it already.

    Depending on when you are getting these readings, you may want to look into two part dosing or changing salts.
  3. NitemelodiesValued MemberMember

    Hi! thanks for the reply!

    I actually tested that awhile ago!
    I use RODI water tested it to make sure it strips the water clean.

    Then tested after mixing Instant Ocean
    0,0,0,8.5,10kH, 340mg/l Calc, .1mg/l Phos, 0mg/l Copper

    I did a 10% WC 4 days ago!

    I have Seachem reef fusion would that suffice?
  4. SlugWell Known MemberMember

    Yes Seachem Fusion is a two part solution. It looks like you have good numbers coming out of your salt though Alk is a tad high, you just have to keep them up between water changes correct?

    You will have to do the calculations as to how much you add depending on your levels and how they drop per day. There are calculators out there where you can put in the product and numbers and it gives you how much to add per day. I would be testing either once in the morning and once at night or once a day at the same time each day for 2 days just to see how much my numbers drop in that span. That will tell me how much I need to adjust dosing and then you dose recommended to get that number.

    If you don't have a dosing pump I would spread it out through the day. Add some in morning, some at lunch, some at night...however you want to split it up and your schedule allows. I just wouldn't dump each dose in in full each time. Hope I didn't confuse anyone, rambling.
  5. NitemelodiesValued MemberMember

    Yes I need to keep them up in between! Okay, right now though it seems my Margin is too big to add all in one day!
    I read parameters should be:
    Calc 400-450
    kH between 8-12
    Is this accurate?
    Mine are:
    Alk 6kH
    Calc. 280mg/l

    If I dose to bring this back up to these levels even if i split it in 3 parts would it still be too much to add?

    If so, would you recommend, Start with a 20% WC, test and bring levels to appropriate levels and then start daily testing? My tank has been doing great so far! I dont want to mess it up! >.>

    Thanks for helping! You really are informative^^
  6. SharkaNew MemberMember

    Do the water changes first (if you don't mind to spend your salt faster), I think 20% won't shock your corals; your levels will slowly raise. Test before and after water change, this will make you comfortable about the impact.
    Your salt doesn't seem to produce enough calcium; is it a reef salt? There is a difference between mixes, many of them are not suitable for reef.
    For the corals you have (from my experience) you don't need to invest in dozing pump (yet) and in the small aquarium, you get long way with water changes. I would first get salt that produces 440-450 calcium and enough kH, so you don't need to try to fix the salt mix.

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  7. NitemelodiesValued MemberMember

    i actually its jut the regular Instant Ocean Salt! I read around and the common consensus is it should be okay for a nano, maybe I should switch to Reef Crystals...
    I was thinkng of switching to Red Sea early on though.

    I still have 3 -15# pound bags left though so I might stick with dosing till those run out.

    thanks for answering my question though, Ill do a WC tomorrow, test before and after, Ill the start testing daily to see what my water does throughout the day!

    What salt mix do you use?

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