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We had just got new fist after cycling from our LFS. About a week later noticed white spots on some of our Platies and a fuzzy white coating at the tail fin junction of one of the platies. After doing some research decided to go with paragard. Started 2 days at half dose because we have 2 peppered Cory's. Everything was doing great so went full strength and on day 3 at full strength about an hour after dosing walked by and noticed all platies and our 2 DG at top water completely lethargic and one cory suspended in a plastic plant and the other listing to the side on the bottom both gasping. Ran a panel ammonia 0 nitrite nitrate both 0 ph 7.4 temp 77. Decided to do a 50% water change incase it was the medication within minutes after starting to add the fresh water the platies and DG started acting more like themselves, but the cory remained lethargic. This morning the smallest started acting more himself, but the larger one is still laying on the bottom lethargic. Everyone else is now eating and acting almost normal. Is there anything else I could do for her? I thought about getting a quarantine tank for her, but didnt want to further stress her out by moving her. I'm also down to only one platy showing a few ich spots from all of them. So it was working.


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I use ich -x for ich and it works great, never had a problem using it with my corys or any fish at all for that matter, even pufferfish.

ParaGuard is awesome if you don’t know what your treating for but want to help out a little, you can even leave the carbon in your filter with paragaurd (though that will remove 2 active ingredients leaving only a sanitizer in the water column for 24-48 hours.

Paragaurd also dissapates naturally over time so if it was a paragaurd reaction(though I’ve never had that happen personally with corydoras and even puffers doing fine at full strength doses for me) then your actions should be plenty for getting it out of the water column

If your sure you are treating for ich then treat for ich.

You have to dose a medicine of some sort AND do waterchanges according to the ich medicines instructions to suck dead or inactive ich parasites from the substrate( this is literally like the ONE thing in fishkeeping that a sand substrate makes easier lol)
It can help if you increase temperature but I’ve never had that capability or control over my tanks temperature.

Medicines are often already at the minimum required dose, perhaps the ParaGuard was working for the first time when you finally added a full dose. Fish disease can really suck one time I noticed ich in a friends betta sorority because the hierarchy of females had broken down as they aged. It was just a mild looking case but day 1 after a full dosage of ich medication almost all of the dither fish in the tank went down, for some reason all of the Bettas except 1 and all of the corydoras in the tank came out on the other side of it just fine. The Bettas all have their own tanks now and the corydoras are in a honey gourami tank. But it was devastating and extremely discouraging to come out that first day of treatment and see five dead fish. But I continued the treatment anyway because that’s what fish disease is, you try your best and sometimes even though you couldn’t see it it was just to far along for the poor little fellas. The other fish continued to improve every day until treatment was complete.
But all that’s just a story of what I went through and my personal opinion so take that for what you will.

Lastly there’s an emergency template in the fish disease part of the forum, it would be a lot easier to help you if you filled it out, in fact most of what I said above may not apply to you depending on your answers to the questions in the emergency template.

if your nitrate reading is truly 0 then your tank is not cycled unless your some sort of fishkeeping wizard, I mean I’ve heard of people who run tanks with zero nitrates but I haven’t figured it out yet myself. Maybe your a water gardener who just got into keeping fish though idk lol
If you have trouble finding the emergency template post here and I will copy/paste it for you to fill out.
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