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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Little fry babies, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Little fry babiesValued MemberMember

    I really love betta fish and have a female elephant ear betta .Unfortunately, i cannot add her to my community tank as she is really aggressive towards other fish. Even semi aggressive fish. I have her in her own seperate tank .She even tried to attack my previous male betta in the past when she was only a jeuvenile. Weird especially for a female betta . I no longer have my hm male betta as he passed away after having him from adult hood for two years .I am interested in getting another male and my husband loves the paradise betta. How well do paradise males do in a semi aggressive community tank?
  2. Little fry babiesValued MemberMember

    I should also add, I understand it was not a good idea to add her into the males tank that young, but at the time i thought she was full grown and i also wanted to breed them.
  3. FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    You cannot just add a female to a male’s tank, they won’t breed properly.
    Unfortunately, paradise males are just a marketing write up that chain stores like PetCo and PetSmart made up. There’s no official thing, it’s just a fancy name for their color.

    I wouldn’t add any betta to a semi-aggressive community, no way. I think you’d be better off keeping a betta alone, then you can have both tanks, and the betta will love a peaceful home to itself. Schools of fish actually stress bettas out!
  4. Little fry babiesValued MemberMember

    Alright .Ive seen tons of people have one betta in their community. I guess it depends on the individual and the fish. And thanks for the tip on the on the female and male ratio. I already said made a mistake on that one. I didmt need that reinorated. But thanks anu way.

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