paradise gourami?

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    binskiboi Valued Member Member

    Hello, I have been wondering about the paradise gourami. I never hear much about them but i am interested! They aren't called dwarfs but they dont get bigger then a dwarf is what ive heard. Also all the paradise gourami i've seen are dreary coloring...pinkish/red fins and light-grey blue. Not as attractive as i'd imagine a "paradise" to be, especially for a gourami (my FAVORITE fish species.) Please fill me in on any info! I've done some research but just can't find very much at all!

    EDIT: sorry i believe the specific one im looking at is the BLUE paradise, red and blue
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    One thing that I have heard about them, is that the males tend to be aggressive when they get older. I think that they would do well in a bigger tank. 30+. Every fish is different and I have never owned one, this is just what I have heard.
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    Thanks alot