Paradise Fish Strange Behaviour

Discussion in 'Gouramis' started by Tim Dobson, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Tim DobsonNew MemberMember

    Hi guys, need some help with my paradise fish,

    We recently notice some behaviour problems we have 2 in the tank with one pink kissing gourami and 3 neons, they were very active and use to just wiz around the tank with eachother but recently this has changed, one of them is still wizzing around the tank but also will chase away the other paradise or pink kissing, not only that but the other paradise fish seems to be staying at the bottom of the tank most of the time, but the paradise fish that is doing the chasing will only go for them 2 it never seems to go for the neons. This is after noticing a coulour change on the one paradise that went darker. I did pull them both out of the tank and put them in a tub on their own and they were perfectly fine, but as soon as they went back in the tank it went back to this again, tried looking for a reason but i cant find one, im sure one is male and one is female.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    I would assume we have spawning behavior. When it gets hot, they do too. It could be the female isn't ready, or that she is a subordinate he, taking on female colours to survive.
    The kissing gourami is a fish that would want the same territory, so a competitor when the spawning urge has hit. It's also an eventual 12 inch/30cm food fish that will eat the neons when it gets to the size it can. They aren't especially predatory, but they are always hungry.
    To a paradise fish, neons are just background noise - no threat, and of no interest.
    Mine used to get rowdy and produce a lot of fry when it got to 25c. I put 4 in the school pond (in Canada) one summer, and took out several dozen in the Fall.
  3. Tim DobsonNew MemberMember

    You mentioned about it getting to hot etc, if i turned down the heat a tad would this make any difference, we are a bit worried that the one attacking is going to kill the other 2. I was also worried something might be wrong with the one staying at the bottom, since we had them they have both been very active until now.
  4. Tim DobsonNew MemberMember

    Unfortunately the one that went a strange colour is on last legs we tried water changes and treatments but could not figure out what the problem was

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