Panicking!! Water Params All Off!! 6 Gal With 2 Adfs

Discussion in 'Aquarium Water' started by Kuths, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. KuthsNew MemberMember

    Hey guys,

    I hope this is the right forum. I currently have 2 African Dwarf Frogs.

    I previously had 3 in a 6.2gal imagitarium tank from petco, but during a (too intense) water change and cleaning, one got stressed out and died the next morning while another managed to escape, which left me with 1 frog. His name is Bert, I've had him for about a year in around 3 different tanks and no matter what happens he survives.

    Losing the other two really really upset me because I was very close to my goal of keeping very good care of them long enough before I would allow myself to buy more. I decided I had gotten too emotionally invested and decided to try to rehome Bert, and promised whoever took him that I would help set the tank up and teach them everything, as well as buy him 2 pals since they are social.
    In the meantime (only for a couple weeks) I kept him in a 1 gal temp tank without a filter and just did 100 percent water changes. Then my wife's little sister ended up taking him (she's 13, plenty old enough and just loves the little guys), so I went over on the 24th (a little over a week ago) and I set the 6.2gal tank back up for her, and used the old filters to help the tank get it's mojo back (they had dried out and I didn't realize that would kill the nitrifying bacteria) and transferred Bert as well as 2 new adfs.

    First, one frog managed to escape before the kid had even gotten home (she had been at a friend's for a few days). So down to 2 frogs. I tested the water and the readings were a little high, but I assumed they would level out once the tank settled after a day or two, since I thought the bacteria from the old filters was still active. I know better now

    I should mention that my wife goes over to her parents', where the frogs are, about every other day. Her brother had been feeding the frogs since the rest of the family is on vacation. When we went over for our weekly laundry and water change, the tank had an insane amount of uneaten food in it and all levels were off!

    Levels that night(2 nights ago):
    Temp: 78F, controlled by a heater that keeps it around 78-80
    Ammonia: 2 ppm
    Nitrites: 2 ppm
    Nitrates: 5ppm
    (I don't have a test kit for kh)
    I use the API master test kit, but I'm not claiming to be 100% accurate on reading it

    I sucked up all of the excess food, took the frogs out and put them in a bowl, vaccumed the gravel, rinsed the filters and cleaned the filter compartment out (one piece had become detached so it wasn't working all the way and had gotten a little bit icky) as well as doing a 25-30% water change. By the time I was done with this, the pet stores had closed, so the wife and I headed to Walmart to see if they had any products to help, and they really only had those fuzzing tablets which I don't trust. So we put the frogs back in the water, after testing the levels which were then:
    7.6 pH
    1 ppm ammonia
    1.5ish ppm nitrates
    5ppm nitrates
    (At least as far as I could tell, again I'm really not too sure how accurate these readings are based on the chart... some colors look the same)

    The next day(yesterday) when we got off work, we went to petco and bought API Ammo Lock and Tetra EasyBalance Plus. I tested the water, no real change. Did a minor water change, getting any more gunk out, and added the chemicals per the instructions.

    I know Ammo Lock does not rid of ammonia, but should protect the frogs while the cycle takes place. What I'm worried about now is how to detoxify the nitrites? The EasyBalance says it reduces nitrATES and phosphates, as well as regulating pH. This doesn't do anything about the NitrITES? My understanding was that nitrates were okay in small amounts, but not nitrites?

    Also, even more worrisome, today I just checked the levels and the pH is unchanged??
    I'm really not sure if I'm reading this right.
    Obviously the tank needs to be cycled, but I don't know what water to put them in in the meantime? I've been using a mix of spring, distilled, and tap water (the tap water I add Tetra BettaSafe to to declorify).
    I'm considering buying a 10 gal and a new filter system as this one is iffy and sometimes hard to find cartridges for, then setting up that new tank fully before switching. I just dont know what i can do right now to help these little guys. I would hate for my wife's sister to come home to her new frogs being dead.

    What can I do to help the levels now? Does NitroZorb work? If I add a lucky bamboo will it help?

    I don't want to do another water change too soon since the chemicals from last night could still be reacting and working or whatever :/

    Also, the other frog (Rubber Ducky) keeps sitting on TOP of the heater, out of the water? I'm not sure if he's trying to escape do to water conditions or if this is his version of burbling.

    I've attached pictures of the most recent readings for ph(I did both normal and high in case it was above 7.6) and the nitrites and nitrates. Also a pic of the current set up. ( I removed all of the decorations last night so it would be easier to clean and do water changes until the levels are good).

    EDIT: adding photos in a moment, having issues doing so from my phone

    Any suggestions are appreciated!!
  2. KuthsNew MemberMember

    Okay, here's the pics: ADF stuff 8/2

    The times are central standard US. So just a little over an hour ago.

    Also, the mesh on top is our makeshift
    cover since the lid allowed for escapes and the tank is curved so I couldn't just buy a fitted cover.
  3. toolmanWell Known MemberMember

    Seachem Prime detoxifies ammonia and nitrites up to 1ppm, would change water until ammonia +nitrites =< 1ppm then dose with prime. Test again in 24hrs. Can use an emergency dose of up to x5 normal according to label.
  4. KimberlyGFishlore VIPMember

    I think that pH is just fine for them. I wouldn't mess with that.
    Frogs can survive in conditions that would kill a fish but it will stress them and weaken their immune system so you really do want to get those parameters in check soon.
    Keep up the water changes and try to put something in the tank that the frogs can hide in. They need that.
    Toolman gave you the information you need to protect them from the ammonia and nitrite for now.
  5. KuthsNew MemberMember

    Alright, I changed about 1.5 gallons of water out, added the Prime and pH Minus, will update when I go check on them tomorrow. Hopefully it works out then I can work on the 10 gal.
  6. toolmanWell Known MemberMember

    Be careful with pH chemicals they can cause pH swings. As KimberlyG said I don't recommend using those, fish will acclimate to your pH. That's way better than pH swings, they can be deadly.

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