Panicked. RCS, Ghost & Snails Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Invertebrates' started by Linda4088, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Linda4088

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    I brought some hitchhiking nails home on my Java Moss on Thursday. Have no idea what kind they are. I also bought some ghost shrimp who are doing well. I'm getting some painted/fire red cherry shrimp this week. My question is, will they all get along? Or will someone eat someone else. I don't want the snails since I have a planted tank I'm afraid they will eat my plants. I read where the ghost shrimp might eat the nails. Which would be okay with me. But the Ghost shrimp are babies. My they do grow fast! However, I don't want anyone eating my cherry shrimp.
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    What kind of snails are they? Do they look like these?


    These are ramshorn, i like them personaly. They'll eat the same food as the shrimp, but might get out of hand if you overfeed. Mine don't touch the plants, except dying leaves. But as you can see, i also give them veggies lol.
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    I have one that I'm seeing with a peach colored shell. But the others have dark shells. However I don't want to be overrun with snails. They want not on my stocking list
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    What you can do is put a piece of veggie out like i do at night, and in the morning it should have a good amount of snails on it. I use cucumber or zuchinni. Just keep doing that at night, youll get them. You could also crush them. I dont know about crs. Ive also used tweezers to grab them out. My betta tank had a batch of pond snails hatch, i just picked each one out. I like my ramshorns, not pond snails. They have a different shaped shell. Unfortunately some of the things that kill snails also will kill the shrimp. Your best bet is manual removal now before they lay eggs.
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    My ghost shrimp I first got ended up killing off some juvie blue pearl shrimp I got after if you want the red cherries to breed its less likely shrimplets will survive. If you get juvie red cherries they may get just watch that. I ended up selling my ghost shrimp to allow me to get my red cherries. My ghosts didn't touch the snails. Pond snails the ones with oval shaped shells, who are kinda rounded overall, breed like crazy, but if you don't over feed and you maintain the tank, it shouldn't be too bad. My few ramshorn snails aren't breeding like crazy, and my Malaysian trumpet snails definitely breed less than the pond snails, but more than the ramshorn.

    None of my tanks are overpopulated with snails and I don't do anything with them. Though my daughters tank which gets a bit less care was getting a decent population, the yoyo loach that hitchhiked in has taken care of that ;)