Pandas! :)

Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by Shine, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Shine

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    I actually found some panda cories in my travels today!!! (that weren't 13$ each) I picked up 4 of the little guys, and then spent about an hour re-arranging my 10g for them. They are the first cories I've gotten, but I wanted pandas from the first moment I saw them. I figured I'd have to settle for speckled or albino ones instead...

    Anyway they are slowly settling in. Funny little things. For a while I thought the fish aliens abducted one instantly, cause I could only find 3 for several hours--and the tank is hardly huge! I eventually spotted him hiding under the bridge. Currently two are hiding under there, one is 'invisible' under a plant :;nin2, and the last one is swimming all over the tank like she owns it! :p Up and down the glass, through the plants and up again. Not intimidated by much that one! ;D
  2. TedsTank

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    Glad you found them!! Congrats!
  3. OP

    ShineWell Known MemberMember

    Here's a couple pics of my new pandas; see the ninja? :;nin2 ... and my revamp of the tank ;)

    Now I just hope to keep them all healthy and happy. I've heard that pandas can be a 'bit delicate'

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  4. peacemaker92

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    I love the 1st photo :) You should post it in the fish photo contest :;rocker
  5. hyun007

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    Ah....They are so expensive in canada.
    Got 20 from a wholesaler in Bangkok for US$7.
    3 died because of the transportation and 1 died of unknown cause in the first week but the rest are doing very well(been over 3 weeks now).

    I think you will enjoy it very much when they school together cleaning and feeding.
    Very very cute!!!
    Definitely worth the money!
  6. Butterfly

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    Your tank looks very nice! and love the Pandas LOL
  7. OP

    ShineWell Known MemberMember

    lol--I think I spent the equivilant of a couple hours watching them yesterday. They were racing from one side of the tank to the other and then having a little catfish pile up whenever they stopped! I kept trying to get more pics of them, but they would scurry off to another spot whenever I tried.

    Do cories usually like zuccinni? I put some in but they ignored it. Or is it something that they develope a taste for over time?