Panda Garras Experiences. Compaible W/ Clowns,hypostomus, Anostomus?


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First, I'm curious how many people have experience with this fish. I searched threads here and in other forums with Google but there aren't that many threads.

It would be cool to hear about recent experiences with them.

Second, I wonder if they'd be fine in my tank in the future. I read they can sometimes bully bottom dwellers. I'll have 2-3" clown loaches that might be a target. I'm assuming my big loaches won't be harrased (5-8").

Should I be worried about my 11.5" hypostomus (I called it a common pleco but planetcatfish ID it as a type of hypostomus) and panda garras. I'm not sure if hypostomus will think they his own kind because of the sucker mouth? Would a panda garra bother him? (I remember reading a post about panda garras harrassing Siamese algae eaters and hillstraeam loaches).

Finally, what about Anostomus Anostomus? They kind of look like a Siamese algae eater body shape to me and I've read of Anostomus bothering SAE.

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