Panda Garra looks like a balloon..


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I have a panda garra in a 20g long along with 5 emerald eye rasboras and a newly added male pearl gourami. Tonight I looked in the tank and my panda garra who has done great for 2 months and survived an ich outbreak 1 and a half months ago is swollen up like a ballon.

I raised the temp to 76°f to accommodate the gourami 2 days ago. It was at 74°f so not a major change. I've read panda garras are good for 70-80°f

He eats like a hog but this is concerning. tank gets fed once a day. Rotating him between algae wafers and frozen blood worms.

Has anyone seen this before or have any advice. I do have a 5 gallon established QT but no heater so it sits at 70° so I would have to acclimate him which I fear would do more damage than good.

Any input would be appreciated!
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