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    I have them in a 10 gallon for right now to observe, just to be sure there is no illness. After a couple hours in the tank they're a little more skittish and won't eat but I've only had them for 4 hours. I'm planning on putting them in with my Guppies except my guppy tank (37 gallons) runs at around 80 degrees right now in the summer heat, while my goldfish (55 gallons) is running at 70-74 degrees and I've read conflicting information on these little guys so if anyone has ANY information please please comment below and share your wisdom

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    BeanFish Well Known Member Member gives Corydoras Panda a range of 22 - 25 Celsius. I think in Farenheit that would be 72-78 Farenheit. Both PlanetCatfish and Seriously Fish say it comes from the Peru. Planet catfish is a little bit more specific and says where it was first captured - Rio Ucalayi in Peru. Fishbase gives it a range of 20-25 Celsius. Something along the lines 68-78 Farenheit but doesnt say any specific location.
    I looked for Weather information near the region and I found this. Weather statistics for Río Ucayali
    You can see there is no average temperature, just warmest and coldest. However you can see that even in the warmest days it just goes up to 27. And those are the warmest temperatures. I am not gonna do a bunch of math to get averages on all the months (but you should). However I will just give you an example. Lets take the average temperature of the warmest month - November.
    According to the page the warmest is 27.2 and the coldest is 13.
    27.2 + 13 = 40.
    40/2 = 20.
    The average temperatures in the Ucalayi river are about 20 Celsius. I am sure Corydoras Panda has a wider range, probably extending to the Urubamba and Tambo rivers which join together forming the Ucalayi river. Those rivers are a generally a bit warmer, according to the forecast. This increased range means the species overall has hotter temperatures than 20 Celsius. I have not been to Peru, so I cant say exact temperatures, but based on the evidence, I think I agree the most with, they have a range of approximately 20-25 (probably a tad colder/hotter).
    Since our home aquaria doesnt experience seasonal shifts in temperature I would keep Panda Corys at around 22-23 Celsius. You can keep them at 20-25 Celsius and probably a bit colder/hotter but not forever, just seasonally. If you are gonna keep it at 20 Celsius it should be for a few months and after those few months it should get its fare share of warmer temps. Same applies for keeping it at 25 Celsius, you can keep it at that, and probably a bit colder, but just temporally and after that it should get its fair share of colder temperatures.

    All of this means that if your Guppy tank experiences cooler temperatures after the summer, I would think its OK to keep them with the Guppys. I would not mix corydoras with goldfish.
    And of course those poor corydoras will be skittish. Give them some cover. QT tanks dont have to be completely bare, the fish you keep live all their lifes in the cover driftwood, leaf litter and marginal vegetation gives them. Being in the open like that and in such small groups would probably get them eaten.
    I always keep some PVC tubes in my QT tanks and will add hornwort so the fish feel safer. You want the fish to be as comfortable as you can because happy fish means no disease. Stressed fish (due to not having cover)means higher risk of disease.

    It is also said that when corydoras are stressed they will stop moving and just "freeze" like they did a couple of times in your video. This is considered to be a cryptic behavior. I dont know how true that is and if they do the same in the wild but IME corydoras will teleport around the tank and then freeze if you stress them. Yours look like they may just be resting tough. I just thought it was worthwile to mention this.