Panda Corydoras

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    2 weeks ago I brought home 5 adorable little panda corydoras. They are doing wonderful and it is because of this forum. After reading threads about these little guys, I added a nice layer of sand on the gravel and added more live plants. They are so active now!! They are in my 30g tank with six 3 week old molly fry and a 2 1/2" little pleco.
    I'm considering adding 24 4 day old guppy and molly fry in a week or 2 when the other 6 are moved to an adult 55g tank. Any thoughts ? Too much for a 30g?
    I have 2 55g tanks (1 female tank with 3 mollies, 2 guppies, 1 swordtail & a 3" pleco and the other with all males 2 swordtails, a molly and a guppy. 10 neon tetras, and 2 clown loaches), a 30g, and 2 10g tanks for newborn fry/hospital/quarantine.
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    Yay! I’m glad you had success with the panda cories. Since they’re only fry you should be okay using the 30 as a grow out tank- just watch your nitrates and conduct water changes accordingly. Congrats on your fish babies btw! I’m sure they’re happy in your care
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    Thank you! Yes, water changes and those nitrates!