Pakistani Butterfly

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    From years I want to have Pakistani Butterfly, but I am very reluctant as on the internet there are mix information about the care lever. Like on live aquaria, they says it Moderate, but on the other web sites she is define as difficult. Has anyone experience this Beautiful Fish.

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    Live aquaria is generally a good site, but their information on keeping fish is oddly understated for some reason or other. As far as I know, they aren't the most difficult fish to keep, but they definitely a challenge due to their varying unwillingness to feed and their overall pickiness; most butterfly are. In nature, they eat the polyps on corals or even nibble on corals(why they should be kept in FOWLRs) and featherdusters (or really any other fanworms) and occasionally will go for algae as well; this makes it difficult to acclimate them to the aquarium diet. You can try feeding finely minced seafood like clams, shrimp or scallops. And go for live foods at first, like mysis, brine shrimp. or even blackworms. You could even try to provide a veggie clip to appeal to their algae-eating behavior.

    They also need very established tanks and excellent water quality/conditions as with good water circulation (they aren't very forgiving.) and places to swim (they are a large fish after all); plus some hidey holes/caves

    And a very lengthy QT is pretty much a must; they are disease/ailment magnets and should be treated and monitored carefully before introducing into the main tank.
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    I have read on it and in my idea for a more accurate care level

    Advanced- Butterfly
    Expert Restricted-

    It sometimes nibbles on corals and fan worms. It will sometimes eat algae. The best way to acclimate them to the diet is giving them clams and brine shrimp.
    It requires near perfect pH water quality and salinity.
    Make sure no disease are in your tank and you should be fine