Pair of mating Gouramis, doing Dance but female not laying eggs.


Hi all, Need help. I have a male and female blue gourami. They are going through the mating dance, there is bubble nest but I don't think the female is laying any eggs.

Was not planning to breed them but they start to when i place new vegetation in the corner of the thank temporarily until i planted them. Now since they are pairs i really want then to breed.
I have since planted some of the plants and added foam cup.
They do the dance every now and then but still don't see any eggs.
Have feed them frozen worms once a day.

Here is the video.



To my knowledge the eggs float upwards, so they might be (between the bubbles) there though you won't notice.
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I thought so too but after leaving up to three day and constant monitoring. I dont see anything hatched/frys.



The Angel in the video looks to be pecking something underneath them. I doubt you'll be able to successfully breed them in a community tank. Once fry become free swimming, they'll likely be eaten by tank mates. If you really want to breed them , you're best bet is setting up a seperate spawning tank

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