Painted Fire Red

  1. BillynJennifer Member Member

    I know a lot of folks want the more exotic looking cherry shrimp, but these rascals take my breath every time I see them.

  2. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    I've been trying to talk my wife into letting me get blue ones for my 20 gallon snail tank.
  3. BillynJennifer Member Member

    Blues would look so good, and you've got enough space to make it look like a bunch of living gemstones. You could tell her that you're worried about how stressed she is and that looking in the tank at beautiful shrimp would help her deal with stress. Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky. LOL
  4. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    Lol. She would just tell me she will look at the 75 gallon betta tank.
  5. sunnycal Well Known Member Member

    Yes. I love all the types of reds. I have some strong colors of cherry, fire red, red Rili, red Rili w/blue body. May eventually get some black tigers again.
  6. BillynJennifer Member Member

    A red rilli with a blue body? Have you got any pics? That sounds amazing.
  7. sunnycal Well Known Member Member

    I do over on my IG acct. I'll have to post a photo tomorrow here.
  8. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    I have a few red/light blue rili that have shown up in my random cross breeding experiment. They look really neat. 20180113_162940.jpg
  9. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

  10. BillynJennifer Member Member

    Thanks for that. I wondered what the "ingredients" were to produce certain shrimp.
  11. sunnycal Well Known Member Member

    One of my Red Rili with blue body. IMG_20180205_181637_223.jpg