Paint For Shelves

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by BluePsion, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. BluePsion Valued Member Member

    I've purchased a steel rack for use in my new aquarium set up. I am going to paint the shelving black before installing it. Has anyone done this or have any info on the proper paint to use? I was considering using black outside style paint to make sure it is more water resistant. Any thoughts?

  2. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    I would suggest you look into having them powder coated. That will last much longer, and shouldn't cost you too much more than the paint. It also won't have runs and bubbles from where the paint kinda gobs up.

    If you go with paint, I would spray it, if you weren't thinking that already.
  3. ounderfla69 Valued Member Member

    You'll need to remove most of the coating that's on the pieces first, then use an metal etching primer, then the top coat. Powder coating is better but you need sand the parts to bare metal so you would have to pay for prep too. Powder coating is going to cost you at least $100.
  4. BluePsion Valued Member Member

    No.. I mean.. the shelves aren't metal. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  5. Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    For wood you want to primer, sand, paint. Or stain then clear coat with acrylic.
  6. ounderfla69 Valued Member Member

    oh okay, the wood shelves on the steel rack. If they fiberboard I woulds suggest replacing with plywood. If you dont you want to get black polyurethane stain which will be opaque and will seal the wood. I would go at least 3 to 4 coats to seal the wood and make it waterproof.