Overzealous Fishloreans ?

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I just got through reading several posts in which I couldn't help but notice several members offering advice in a somewhat patronising manner, and thought it might be a good idea to mention a few things to those who may be guilty on occasion of being impatient with other members who are seemingly slow to take their advice:

I'd like to believe we all love fish here and want nothing but the best for those we have in our tanks.. and whenever we encounter problems, we all post up to get the best possible advice on how to solve those problems and welcome input from as many people with experience and knowledge on basic fish-care as well as the species we're having the problems with, as possible.

For many Fishloreans, the advice offered by the moderators is practically written in stone, you can apply it and be assured of positive results 99.9% of the time.. that's followed by members who aren't moderators but still have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience.. and then there's the rest of us who have knowledge and experience from the first moment we get into the hobby, because of our knowledge gained through reading available literature and advice offered here at Fishlore as well as our individual experiences with our fish.

From moderator to newby, every Fishlorean has something to offer, whether it's advice on how to cycle a tank or get a particular species of fish well again or offer a shoulder to lean on or cry on if needs be, and many other kinds of contributions.. We are all in it together and none of us are better than the other, so in responding to another Fishlorean's post, let's be nothing but empathetic while being supportive as well as patient.. after all, with the exception of a few of the moderators and senior members, none of us truely know each other and the demands being made on each others' lives or economic circumstances or even personality quirks that may lead to a slow response in taking advice offered.

If every time we fell, when learning to ride a bike, we were called a 'klutz' by the person teaching us, how many of us would've enjoyed riding a bike today? Bear that in mind when offering your help and support to a fellow Fishlorean's post for help, and above all remember they like you have something to contribute to making this site the best online.
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Very well said!!
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Perfectly stated. That is exactly what we should be aiming for and one of the primary reasons for FishLore even being a website. About FishLore. Remember that no one is an expert in this hobby and if they claim to be, they are fooling only themselves. If at any time you think another member is violating the rules you have to bring it to my attention or one of the mods and we'll take care of it asap.

Thanks Richard!
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As a newbie to the hobby (though I don't know if "hobby" is the right term for most of the regulars here! ), I have to say that I've had nothing but helpful input from the mods and regulars. They may be firm or stern - especially with points of vital importance - but they're still respectful, and understanding about we novices not necessarily understanding what they're telling us or why.

I've gotta say, though...I think Rose (and Dave and at least a few others) has the patience of a saint.
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Periodically, people will make some comment that suggests that moderators know more about keeping fish than other members. In some cases (Dino and CWC, for example), there is a definite plethora of experience, but an all-encompassing understanding of keeping fish is not a requirement for becoming a mod (as Mike says, it's not possible). There are several non-mods around here that I turn to for help with questions, as they have more fishkeeping experience than I do.

Well said, Richard. Thank you.
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If any of the advice I have given sounds like I am being that way, I am truley sorry.. I will watch how I post. Honestly I am very thankful to find this messageboard, when I first setup my cichlid tank I posted a picture on another message board and I was severely downgraded not only by members but also by the moderator of that site because they did not agree with the way I set the tank up. The sad thing is I set it up exactly how every cichlid book I read said to do, and they had even told me that the first day I put fish in my tank they would all die, I was so upset I have yet to log back onto that site again. I was so proud of my expensive 55 gallon tank that I had collected rocks w/ my 5 year old son from a local lake for 3 days and washed/boiled myself then built the rock structure in the tank very sturdy. For them to be so rude!
So I can see where you are coming from! I will watch how I word my advice so If I am one of the people who are the above mentioned I don't want to be especially after the way I was treated on that site.

I also have to ad that I am learning more and more about this hobby everyday. My husband and I even with him having a bachlors degree in enviromental science and a minor in chem, taking limenology classes/fishieres/etc... we are constantly buying/reading books... we are no where near experts I just bought a 75 dollar book on MalawI cichlids, I hope I get it in the mail tomm... I am still looking at the tank turning my head sideways wishing I had more and more knowlege. I am also always asking questions on the cichlid forum. Now if you go to the asthma forum on infantrefluxdisease website.... I am an expert I am a resp therapist and I do that for a living and also have a child who went through the ringer with health issues. He is actually the reason for my fish hobby, his first word was fish, and he has been obsessed with fish, so I started my little tank back up, and we got really into them and its turned into a family hobby (more mine and the children enjoy the fish).
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I am a newbie around here, but I have been reading posts here for a while. I have noticed what Richard is talking about several times. While I have found tons of wonderful information here, and have not had any condecending remarks made towards me, I have certainly noticed a few.

I have enjoyed all of the information that I have gathered here at FishLore and appreciate all of the help that I have received.
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I've started to respond to this post several times......none of which sounded correct.
My typed words rarely show the emotion behind them.
So I will just say, If I have been guilty of this, I am sorry, please pm me, show me the post/posts so that I may learn from that as much as I learn from this site.
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I'm fairly new, and have noticed nothing negative directed my way. But most of the sites I play on are fairly rough and tumble compared to this one, so maybe I just have a really thick skin.
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I always have felt free to ask my questions and learn here at Fishlore, so I hope it feels that way to all our new members, even as Fishlore has grown incredibly this past year.
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I have always found everyone here very helpful and I feel very lucky to have a site like this and great people to get advice from and to bounce ideas off of I have had a few instances where people have good a little to heated for my liking, but I know that if a person is overzealous in their response it is usually due to their passion for keeping fish. If I have ever offended anyone, I am sorry and hope that I can be as helpful to others as members here have been to me. Thanks for the post Richard. Your message is very valuable and you said it well.
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Stop telling me what to do...lol...just kidding..I'm sure I test peoples pateince sometimes cuz I want to make sure I get the best possible information I can and ask wayyy to many questions..but in the end I get answers so it works out
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I'm a newbie also..and very greatful for this site..but more than that, MY FISH ARE TOTALLY GREATFUL!!

They haven't ever been in a cycled tank so their breathing probably should have been close to an asthma attack..poor fiish...

Thanks to ALL that have helped me along this journey...its very much appreciated!
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I used this forum a lot last yr, then was busy working and having a baby so have been "away" a while, so not sure if anything's changed around here while i've been away. however, I do hope that attitudes like richard described don't come up, or people will be put off from asking questions, and that is exactly what we should be encouraging. that is how we learn. I have asked a huge amount of questions on fishlore, some may have seemed ridiculous to the experienced fishkeeper, but I wouldnt know what I know today without questioning and reading, and I will continue to ask questions to gain more understanding. as mike said....you never stop learning! so I hope these people that richard describes don't put people off fishlore or off questioning. if they do then it does need to be raised to the mods. it just may be their manner and they don't realise how what they've typed sounds when read back.
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I've asked many a question that sounded silly to me but always got decent and supportive answers. I apologize if I ever sounded patronizing or stern. Its never my intention. Your post made me think, Thanks Richard.
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Man... Well if I have ever done it... I am sorry.. Really don't mean to and I am by far an expert on anything other than Couch Potato Sciences... LOL!!!
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Very well said! I definitely know that I personally can be snippy sometimes, and if I ever am so, I definitely don't mean it. I especially love how you said we're all in this together and how everyone has something to offer. Great post, and I definitely think it was needed. Thanks!

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