1. FishNinja

    FishNinja Valued Member Member

    Hi All,
    Please advise me of your opinions on this combo as I'm quite the noob to Barb tanks.

    My personal tank is a 100L (+/-23 Gallons) and currently I have :
    2 Tiger Barbs
    2 Green Barbs
    2 Metal Rose Barbs

    I was planning on getting a Rainbow Shark, Bala shark and a Pleco.

    I realise now I may need more Tiger Barbs as one of the two are acting out since his school got less (Filter Fatalities)

    Would I be overstocking the tank if I had the following :

    5 Tiger Barbs
    2 Green Barbs
    2 Metal Rose Barbs
    1 Bala Shark
    1 Rainbow Shark
    1 Pleco

    Any thoughts or suggestions welcome
  2. qchris87

    qchris87 Well Known Member Member

    A 100L is too small for both a bala and rainbow sharks. If you were to get a pleco, it would have to be one of the small species like bristlenose or clown pleco.

    Don't have much experience with tiger barbs but I hear they are very nippy and need quite a large school to reduce aggression.
  3. OP

    FishNinja Valued Member Member

    Thanks. I thought I was pushing my luck with both Sharks.
    The one Tiger does like to chase but so far no actual nipping. I do fin and eye checks regularly as the one green barb lost an eye in a fight with the other green barb. I assume the tiger will calm again once I increase the school
  4. NHFarmer

    NHFarmer Valued Member Member

    I had barbs once many years ago (another pet store recommendation), and they were super nasty to each other and the other fish - never again!!