Overstocking Issues??

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Lokipaysage, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. LokipaysageNew MemberMember

    I've got a 37l tank, containing 6 cardinal tetras, 6 black neon tetras, and a yellow guppy all at about 2cm long.

    I'm sure this is overstocked (I did not intentionally stock it this way) and although the fish are happy and healthy as far as I can tell, and get plenty of exercise from the selective currents in the tank, I'd like to remove some to thin the numbers out a bit.

    I have a friend who may be using my old 24l tank to get some fish, and I'm thinking of passing over some of mine to her to keep- as far as I know, 6 2cm tetras is about the maximum you should put in a tank so small (is this about right?) and so I would give her my entire black neon shoal, but I'm pretty sure she wants something a bit more colourful, as they're pretty dull (as much as I personally love them).
    so, I'd give her 3 of my black neons and ask her to get some more neon or cardinal tetras to complete the shoal, but I'm afraid they wouldn't properly integrate together as a shoal.
    I honestly don't want to lose my cardinal tetras but if it's completely necessary for my fish's welfare, I will do.
    In my tank, the fish don't obviously move around in groups- both tetra shoals just sort of scatter around the place, and group together when there's threat (aka the gravel siphon) or food. they're overall really chilled; when I put my hand in to do something, they are hardly fazed and sometimes come over to kiss it. romanticised way of saying they're trying to eat me, I know.

    in conclusion, what do you think? would it be a bad idea for her to make up a shoal of 3 black neons and 3 of another tetra? and is my tank even seriously overstocked?
  2. jaymethyValued MemberMember

    You need at least 6 of anything for a small shoal. So I wouldnt split up what you have. In addition, the 24L tank your friend has is too small for shoals of either of those fish.

    You are a little overstocked (but as far as overstocking goes, there is much worse out there), and neither of those tetras are great in a 10G either. However, if you keep one shoal that should be okay (you could probably even up the shoal to 8 fish total, provided you get rid of the second type of fish).

    Your lone guppy probably isn't making much of a difference, but would fit in your friends 24L if you wanted to get rid of him. I would suggest she just keeps him and a few shrimp or a snail in her tank. Then it's fully stocked.

    You could also put some shrimp in your tank along with your single shoal of fish.
  3. LokipaysageNew MemberMember

    forgot to mention, I have a couple of ghost shrimp in there to clean up the tank. I have considered giving her my guppy, but he's just a lot more sensitive and she's a beginner so I'm a bit concerned about giving him to her. so you're suggesting I get rid of my black neons some other way, and get a couple more cardinals, and give my friend the guppy? I'll propose it to her, but after hearing your advice, I may just rehome my black neons elsewhere and keep everything else, and just take her to the pet store and make sure she gets the right fish. I'm sure she'd be happy with a guppy and some shrimp. thanks very much for your help!
  4. jaymethyValued MemberMember

    If youre attached to your guppy hang on to him!

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