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Very new to fish keeping. Our 10 gallon tank is a combined effort between my roommates and I. We’ve all added a few fish without really planning well... I know it’s way overstocked without a doubt. It’s time for a bigger tank... would a 20 gallon long be sufficient? And would we be able to add another molly and maybe a couple other little fish? Or should we go even bigger for that? It needs to stay shallow for the ADFs of course. And there are a couple more plants in there now than when I took this photo.
We have:
1 male Butterfly Betta
2 Mollies
2 Zebra Danios
1 Pearl Danio
1 Leopard Danio
2 itty bitty unknown Danios
1 bumble bee goby (he was the only one left)
4 ghost shrimp
2 Nerite snails (1 Zebra, 1 tiger)
2 African dwarf frogs
1 bristlenose pleco


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I'd think you need a 55 gallon for all of those.


Unfortunately I think it's going to take more than a 20 t0 fit all of those fish. But I'm not sure of the exact tank size necessary.


Lots of stocking issues, but we've all made similar mistakes when first starting out. For all the fish you have now, I'd do nothing less than a 29gal tank. Bigger is better in your case, though I'd personally keep the dwarf frogs and perhaps even the betta in their own separate tanks. Betta are not community fish and the frogs will have a hard time getting enough food what with other fish in there.

You need to understand the basic needs of each species you have/want in order to keep them healthy. Danios, mollies and even the frogs prefer to be in groups. At least a trio for the frogs, then at least 5-6 for the other schooling/shoaling species. It's better to have many of a few species than few of many species.

You must also find out what temperatures and pH the fish you have require. Best not to mix fish that need different parameters, it's a hassle.

Lastly and the most important issue is to know about the Nitrogen Cycle. This is the process of how fish waste is broken down into less harmful substances. If the tank is not cycled the fish will likely get sick and some if not all will die. Click the blue lettering to learn more.


HI and welcome to the forum!

That’s a lot of livestock for a 10 gallon tank. Wowza!

You know what you did wrong, I’m not gonna rub your nose in it. Thank you for coming here and seeking advice.

I strongly agree with the previous post from Demeter - the betta and the dwarf frogs need their housing situation revised, in addition to you getting a larger tank.

Considering you are already asking about adding more fish, I suggest you get the largest tank you can afford.

It’s also probably a good idea for you to get a few 10 gallon tanks, for your betta and frogs and also for any other species you want to keep thay aren’t a good fit in the main tank. And for quarantining new fish as well, so you don’t put potentially sick fish in the main tank.

You’ve got multiple species syndrome already, it’s time to accept your fate and complete your transition into multiple tank syndrome. Join us on the dark side.

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