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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Emjay, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. EmjayNew MemberMember

    I'm just new to this hobby I just had my 36 gallon tank cycled and running about 1 month and 2 weeks. At first I put in 6 danios while cycling and afterwards when everything looks good with the water parameter I added 3 mollies and 2 pot bellied, and 1 albino sucker fish and a big one can't remember the name. Now after a while I have added another 3 silver dollar, 1 gold gourami, 2 African dwarf frog and 1 parrot fish. Unfortunately My friend who's tank was having problem gave me her 2 black moor and I can't say no . Am I over stocked? I'm doing 25% water change every other day coz my amonia is always on the stress side so is the nitrites. I'm looking at getting a 50 gallon tank if over stocked is my problem or maybe just upgrade to a bigger filter? Pease advise. Thank you.

  2. Adam AlstonNew MemberMember

    Your are definitely over stocked. You should look into using the inch per gallon to see how many fish you can store in your tank. Since you have a lot of fish, I would recommend getting the 50 gal tank. Heres a calculator that can help you with how many inches per fish you can have in the 50 gal or your 36:  

  3. shiv234Well Known MemberMember

    you most likely have a common pleco. That alone needs 120+ gallons. Parrot fish needs 60+ gallons, gourami needs 20 gallons and 40-50 per silver dollar. You really need a 200g+ tank for those fishes

    the inch per gallon rule completely wrong. By that rule i can keep a 36 inch fish in a 36 gallon tank. That rule is completely unrealiable

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  4. Kellye8498Well Known MemberMember

    Absolutely do not look at the inch per gallon rule please. It's outdated and completely incorrect unfortunately.
  5. shiv234Well Known MemberMember

    More than outdated. It should have never been made
  6. Adam AlstonNew MemberMember

    It works on small or juvenile fisho_O

    Okay don't look into that:confused:
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  7. shiv234Well Known MemberMember

    not really > (eg) Zebra danios get about 2 inches so keeping 5 would mean a 10 gallon tank but due to activity levels the need a 15-20+ gallon aquarium
  8. Adam AlstonNew MemberMember

    What it comes down to is the type of fish you have and what their best suitable in. For example, swordtails need their room because they are very active.

    Yes, I agree
  9. Kellye8498Well Known MemberMember

    50 gallons wouldn't be enough either by far unfortunately. If that is a common pleco it will grow to be around 12-18 inches long. It wouldn't be able to turn around and since they produce so much waste there is no way it would be able to survive. No filter would be able to keep up with the bioload in that tank. It would have to be a 200 gallon tank at least with all of the fish listed based on their adult sizes. Unfortunately too many people make decisions about fish based on what they look like in the store tanks and don't realize how large they are going to get or what their bioload will be, etc.
  10. shiv234Well Known MemberMember

    That rule does not apply to any fish since bio-load, activite, schooling/normal, etc things have to be taken into consideration.
  11. Adam AlstonNew MemberMember

    That is why I said types of fish, as in their all around characteristics. And yes I know their are things to be taken into consideration when seeing what fish to put into a tank.
  12. CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    Rather than debate the validity or not of the inch per gallon rule let's offer some constructive suggestions on how to help the Op's situation.

    Welcome to Fishlore Emjay :)
  13. shiv234Well Known MemberMember

    OP i strongly suggest you rehome all those fishes and start new.
  14. EmjayNew MemberMember

    Thank you for all your advise I would definitely get a bigger tank than 50gallon and maybe just rehome the other fishes.
  15. Kellye8498Well Known MemberMember

    Any way you can take some of the fish back to the store or rehome them to someone else with a tank large enough? That would probably be the best course of action unless getting a much larger tank is something you would be interested in.
  16. EmjayNew MemberMember

    Thank you I felt bad I overstocked and I don't want to see anyone of them fishes floating so I just have to rehome some of it and get a bigger tank.

    Yes I would rehome some fishes and get bigger tank for the rest. Thanks
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  17. shiv234Well Known MemberMember

    nice..try as soon as possible as stunting is quite serious
  18. Kellye8498Well Known MemberMember

    You may also notice that your tank will be almost instantly cycled when you get rid of the biggest waste producers as you probably have a ton of bacteria living in there that just can't keep up with such an overloaded tank. Your cycle will work itself out rather quickly then you get things where they should be. This is, of course, much better for the fish living in the tank.
  19. Adam AlstonNew MemberMember

    Glad your have come to a goof conclusion.Welcome to Fishlore:)
    Thank you guys for helping him and sorry for debating. I myself have learned not to use the inch per gallon rule at all. Thank you
  20. Will170Valued MemberMember

    I think petco is still running their $1 a gallon sale !! Might be a good time to invest

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