Overpopulated Shrimp Tank


I am brand new to aquarium keeping.
I started last August.

I initially had a 10 gallon with a ghosty and 2 trapdoor snails.

My ghost shrimp died so I moved up to blue diamond cherry.
I bought 12, 6 lived long term.

I then found a few tangerine cherries that were sold to me as another type of shrimp that wouldnt breed with my blues. lfs petco not very smart.

Of course they did breed.

I ended up getting a 20 gallon and divided it to keep my blues and oranges separate.

I also got a dozen rabbit snails and now have over 25 babies.

I now have over 70 reddish to yellow and a smaller number of mixed on one side of my 20 gallon and am just getting a nice blue shrimp population with about 40 snails on the other side.
Its a higher ph tank about 7.4. Harder water.

Everyone serms to be thriving and snail shells look fantastic.
I have had a few deaths on the orange side from molting issues that I think are overcrowding related.
If I catch them having problems early, I move them to the other side and many do fine after that.

I really need to get rid of some oranges and mixes to lower the population.
Im not too keen on selling them for food though.
I want to find a way to smoothly get half these guys in someone elses hands.Maybe some yellow rabbits too, babies.

I live in WV US.

They are awesome cleaners, larger cherries and breed profusely. Very string stock these orange are. I've gotten some cool mixes with the blues, seafoam green, racer stripe, yellow inards blue striped body. Rili like also.

The coolest thing about them is that they were born in high ph water and thrive in it. This makes it so much easier to keep gorgeous healthy rabbit snails along with the shrimp.

Just looking for suggestions.
I sell live garden plants on Etsy and could sell my shrimp online. Just makes me nervous because I'm not sure how to ship them etc.
I don't even know if breather bags are a good route for shipping.

Longwinded i know, but I'm brand new here so I needed to lay out my specs.

Looking for ideas or interest in my shrimp to see what happens.

I tried lfs. Really idiotic that none of them are that interested in taking them yet they never have any in cherries in stock. Petco said they would before xmas but they are an hour from me and I couldnt get there. Nobody else within an hour and a half driving distance from me even carries cherries. People can't even find ghosts to feed their fish around here. Seems like there may be more cherry shrimp at my house than in all 4 of my adjacent counties combined. I'm thinking that the only people who would want them around here are looking for fish food. Yikes!


I would try local Facebook aquarium groups, I am sure somebody would want them.


Thanks that is a good idea, but I am against joining Facebook for myself personally so I don't think that will work for me.

The android programming for this site is quirky, much easier to see what I am doing on the computer.

Here are some of the little squirts. The first one is "Spooky" my first striped blue orange mix.


I would love to take them but I dont think they'll make it up here to canada these days


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that is too adorable , i love him


There's a Buy, Sell, Trade section on this forum that you'll have access to after you've been here a while (I think you need 50 posts). When you reach that point you might post them there. There are several members that sell and ship shrimp and I'd guess they'd be happy to advise you on the best methods.


That's a wild type. They are more common when you have mixed color tanks


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I have many variations of him.
They have blue stripes rather than black.

Here's Goo Goo Eyes
He has huge light eyes and a heavily striped blue body.

That's a baby yellow rabbit in front with, yes, 2 baby shrimp on his back.
He doesn't mind.

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This is Spooky I think. I have another like this with a brighter orange stripe a and bluish striped body she is called Pumpkin.

Second one is Lemonlime
She looks like someone spray painted a yellow stripe on a mottled teal shrimp.

I named some of my blues when therevwere less, but I can't keep up now. Lol
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