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I just got back California, where I was helping my mom revamp her 200 gallon pond's filtration system--replaced her old in-pond box filter with a UV Canister, new hoses, new waterfall, and a new pump in a filter box to stop it from clogging. It wasn't until I got down there that I found out that she had recently lost her 4 biggest koi because she left the water on when she was topping off the pond, and forgot about it. She was devastated, and is now very paranoid and is avoiding adding more water at all if she can't be out there with it...but her memory is shot and I know this could very easily happen again.
Unfortunately I couldn't tackle that before I had to return home to Seattle. Does anyone have a favorite video, website, or other information I could pass on to my brother so he can set her up with an overflow to prevent her from losing more fish? I could find ones for aquariums and rain barrels, but don't know the best system to use for ornamental ponds. One side is currently a little lower than the other, and she was hoping to rebuild and raise it in the next few months. The low side just happens to be on the side that could easily drain out down a slope and into a planter, something that could be incorporated at the same time would be great!
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