overcrowding mabey? and also Red devil ?

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OKie. I have a 35 gal tank long, and wide n deep. anyawy. I have 2 live plants smaller. a drift wood,and gravel. anyway.
for the fish in the 35 gal tank are:

1 blue grom about 3Inc,
1turquoise grom 1 1/2inch.
3 Leptobarbus hoevenii. 4 inch's.
1 albino corydore.
2 BRight white & black Oscars. very small close to 1inch.
1 Chinese butterfly Loach very small 1 inch.
1 small dwarf ANgel fish.
all the fish get along. the more small fish have lots of spots to hide if they get tired of eachouther.
I will be getting a 55Gal tank for when the fish get big.
I had a 2inch Red Devil fish in the tank for all of about 1 hour It Was Mean!! I mean the blue Male grom will Chase the small turquoise grom around the tank, but this Red devil was Picking and eating at all the Fish. I got him in a 12 Gal tank by him self Now "jail" with a Pot for him to hide in stuff to move around. I will keep him in there till he gets larger.
the red devil IS MEAN!
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I haven't had any experience with any of those fish, but if you have 2 oscars in the tank, it is definitely overcrowded.
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"well the oscars are like not even an inch each so they don't look big, I know they get big, but I'm taking about now. for the tank.....
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The red devil is a cichlid and is very aggressive. They also get quite large, and you will probably need a 55 gal. for the red devil alone. You will also need larger than a 55 gal. for all your other fish. The 2 oscars by themselves will need at least 100 gallons, not including your other fish. They will also bully or try and eat all the other fish you have in there with them when they get older and bigger. Don't be fooled by their cute little personalities right now. I'm sure they look very innocent. They get grumpier as they get older, and may not even tolerate each other. I have 2 of them in a 100 gal. tank with a common pleco, and they are ornery cusses, but that's what makes them such interesting fish!

P.S. Welcome to FishLore!
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let see the red devil as said before gets way too big and aggressive I have had them before and its true. the ram is alone should be more of those. the oscars should be in a bigger tank by far. and I would get the community fish a few buddies but not until the others oscar, red devil are gone
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I got the red devil in a 10 gal tank by him self and he will have to grow stay that way till he grows, He is super small now only about 1 inch. so he will be able to live it up in that tank till he gets larger and ill have to get a larger tank after he grows.

I also gave 1 of the oscars away.
so I'm down to

3 sharks.
1 angel
1 grom
1 dwarf grom.
1 corydore.
1 small oscar. the oscar is about 1/3 the size of the Dwarf grom to give u an idea.
only that in the 35 gal tank.
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When buying fish, always plan a tank based on the adult size of the fish. Eventhough the oscar is small now, it will grow amazingly fast, and could become stunted in a tank that is too small. The idea that a fish only grows to the size of the tank is a myth, and eventhough his outsides may not appear to be growing, his insides will continue to grow. This is a very slow and painful death for these fish.

The same goes for your red devil. A 10 gallon tank should be only temporary for a few weeks maximum. They are very cool fish, but you have to provide them with the proper environment for them to stay healthy.

What kind of sharks are they? Most of them usually don't do well with more than 1 of the species in the same tank. They are very territorial and some get very big.

I'm glad you are trying to do what's best for your fish. I know some are so beautiful and you want them so bad, but don't have the proper environment for them. We have all been there. This hobby is all about patience. If you really want an oscar or red devil, put that on your list of goals for the future, and work toward getting that 2nd 55 gallon (or larger) tank. Tanks are so much more enjoyable when your fish are healthy and not sick all the time.
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well I can see you people only read half of what people type.
the three sharks are never apart and all the fish I got in that tank None of them are ever scared, hiding, or showing odd signs. I even have five small small Minnows in the tank that the sharks dint even do anything to. Pretty much as long as you stick to the type of water they are from I think they seem to do well.
My Oscar loves the tank, the Gromas love the sharks, if anything The Grom chase the sharks around which are allot larger. they are all well kept for and show no signs of fin nipping at all. the sharks like it when the grom feel them up with the tentacles.
But all my fish are south American fish and do well.
I said that the Red Devil Is not even an inch long and he will have TO stay in there till I get him a new tank. Its not like I m going to have a Huge fish in a small tank. I am 22 and I can buy the things I need with no issue. So read the Posts more.

PS. and angelfish being aggressive the only thing he Nips at is the heater.
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Well I have to agree with the members. Though they may not act bad now, they will, I can speak from expierence. I had a chinese algae eater and red tail black shark when I started out and for a few months all was good then they started fighting like crazy and had to get rid of them. my friend had some pirhanas and they didn't eat guppies for a whole month then they all of a sudden started eating the guppies. You can take or leave their advice it's up to you. I wish you luck if you decide to ignore it.
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the sharks are Maroon Shark's Maroon Shark its Family is Cyprinidae.
anywho, I was just saying in my posts that They are Fine how they are now, and I will be Deviding the fish up when they get larger. But for now as juvies they are fine.
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I've read that Red Devils can get nasty, but I can tell you from experience it's the Oscar you'll have to watch. 
My first tank I ever had (I think it was a 20 gallon) I bought a bunch of nice tropicals, and one red and green buggly eyes fish I didn't know a thing about, except he was much cooler than all the rest combined. 
One day, not long after I watched the buggly eyed one come up behind an iridescent shark and literally bite it in half!   
He gulped down the tail half, circled around and swallowed the front half before it hit the bottom of the tank!  I was stunned, a bit grossed out, and fascinated all at the same time.  I also got a book and looked him up.  Yup, you guessed it, it was a tiger Oscar.  It may sound mean, but one by one he ate all the other fish in the tank, except the pleco!
I had him for almost 10 years before he died.
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okie okeI haha before this gets any more krazy.
The Red devil right now is pretty much baby style. and he is in a tank by him self. and he will never be in a tank with outher fish. I have a larger tank to put him in after he outgrows the 10gal.

the sharks and the outher community fish are in a 35 gal tank and they are all around the same size 1-4inchs
I have a Oscar in there but he is one of the smaller fish in the tank he is also a baby. once he and the sharks outgrow this tank I will take them out of the community "Sharks and Oscars" and put them in 100gal + tank. and just have a community tank with no large fish... sorry if it there was miss understandings.
I understand that fish outgrow tanks. but I know I can get larger tanks when I need them. 8) ;D
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I'm glad you are intent on getting larger tanks for your fish. Keep in mind that their growth can be easily stunted and you won't even know it. That's why it's so important to place them in their permanent home from the beginning. Eventhough their outsides don't look too big for the tank, their insides continue to grow, and you may not realize that the fish is going through that until it's already happening. We are merely telling you what's best for your fish, and how to keep them healthy and happy. You can take any or all of the advice given, and we will continue to be here for you when you have questions.

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