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  1. djadv111

    djadv111 New Member Member

    Hey guys,
    So I’m having a few issues and I suppose there not huge,*or maybe they are?* anyways I was just wondering how to balance between over & underfeeding? :;dete
    So here is the issue, today I was cleaning my tank and 1st discovered my spotted African frog was extremely malnourished. So I moved him to the quarantine tank and hand fed him a few live blood worms and he seemed to be extremely happy with them. anyway I can’t see any signs of sickness *unless frogs don’t work the same as fish* so that got me thinking that the slower bottom feeders aren’t getting enough to eat because the top feeding fish like the danio’s are getting to it first, but the bottom feeders don’t seem interested in the sinking food I have. They like the flakes and it seems rare that it makes it to the bottom.
    So anyways I’ve tried to underfeed and I’ve tried to overfeed but I have no idea what things work. so this last week I stepped way back on feeding and I think that’s what did it to the frog, but then I go to do my weekly gravel cleaning and there was a ton of food in the gravel and even started to give me a reading in ammonia, so I have no ideas none of the fish seem sick or have changed in activity level at all.
    Is there anything I can feed the bottom feeders vs. the danios that seem to never be satisfied?
    Should I feed more and be cleaning more often? Maybe I’m overstocked?
    Stock: 60 gallon tank with two heaters
    Temp 72-73 F
    1 leopard pleco, 1 African dwarf frog,
    6 long & short fin gold danios, 2 albino Corys
    2 fiddler crabs, 1 rope fish, a few glass shrimp* lost count

    Thank you, for any advice
  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    the frogs are not ones that can get food easily as they dont see well..they are not recommended in community tanks for that reason...so id keep him in his own tank to make sure he doesnt starve to death...the crabs will start to get any fish they can catch and eat them..they arent community species either ...so hopefully your others are fast enough to avoid them....

    if you are getting so much leftover food, id remember that a fishies belly is as big as one of their eyes..so only feed what they can eat in a minute or two and thats it...id shut the lights out and feed the cories and others on the bottom after the lights are out..sinking pellets are best for them..with ammonia, you need to start doing daily changes to get the mini cycle under control...I would also suggest upping the temps a bit to 76-78 for the tropical fish...good luck!
  3. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm actually surprised your crabs haven't made a meal of your fish, especially your bottom dwellers.
    ADF's are very slow to find food. When they're in with fish, you have to pay close attention to be sure they're getting food, going so far as to drop thier food right in front of them with a turkey baster.
    It's one reason I keep them in a species only tank.
    For your cories you can drop shrimp pellets or wafrers in at lights out, they should be able to find them.
    Can't suggest anything about the crabs or ropefish, I don't know enough about them.