Over filtration much?

  1. Harlebleondora

    Harlebleondora Well Known Member Member

    About to put this 880lph monster on my 20g.
    I will chuck my cycled media in to it first.
    The flow control knob may come in handy. :)
  2. TJBender

    TJBender Well Known Member Member

    What are you keeping in there? A pleisiosaur?
  3. Marie1

    Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    Canister, or HOB? And nice either way :)
  4. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    you cant have too much filtration IMO the more the better just make sure you dont stress out your fish with too much water movement.
  5. d

    dakota Valued Member Member

    +1 on not having to much filtration.