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over feed

  1. c

    carolastar New Member Member

    my boyfriend over feed the fishes
    now all the food it is floating around like small medusas and gets the water very cloudy, they don't seem to mind they look happy
    how do i know if they are sick or if it is affecting them how i take care of them
  2. J

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    Remove the uneaten food as it decomposes and adds to the ammonia. Do a water change to clear the tank and teach him how much too feed. The fish will suffer if the water quality gets bad and may look lethargic, not eat, hide in the corner etc.
  3. vin

    vin Well Known Member Member

    Remember that the stomach of a fish is about the size of one of their eyes, so it doesn't take too much to fill them up. Feed only a few flakes at a time and see how much they eat within 2 minutes time. (of course if you have bottom dwellers this would not apply and I would think that you'd be feeding them some type of sinking food) If they devour it all quickly before the 2 minutes are up, give them a tiny bit more. If they eat all of that, it should give you a pretty good indicator of the amount you should be feeding. Never tip the jar or bottle directly over the tank - this is how accidental overfeeding occurs.

    If he overfed them recently, I would skip a day or two. It won't hurt them. Then I would go back to your normal feeding schedule, but be sure to monitor the food intake. Good Luck :)