Over Crowded Tank?

  1. Molly105

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    I have a 10 gallon tank with 5 mollies and people have said it's too crowded. What is a good way to fix that? I love my fish and the tank is brand new and expensive! My mom hated how much money I spent! The fish seem fine with it, but if they have fry, will it be too much?! Also if anyone has a 29 gallon used tank I'd gladly take it for a good price. Thanks!
  2. Aquaphobia

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    Yes, that is too crowded. Mollies get to be bigger fish and have a relatively high bioload, ie. they poop a lot;)

    Can you get a larger tank, maybe even larger than a 29? Maybe look on Craigslist or any other popular local classifieds sites in your area. Some good deals are to be had there! Then you can use your 10g as a QT or you can get a different kind of fish. Bettas are lovely;)
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  4. happygolucky

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    I'd get only males next time, your fish will reproduce, and inevitably you will have fry. It's nice to know you care about them, but can you return the mollies? They will not live a good life in a 10g, for reasons Aquaphobia stated.

    Also, Craigslist is often the best place to buy tanks (unless Petsmart/co is having a big sale!). Tanks have a high retail price, but the second they're filled by a customer, they lose all their value. You will find much cheaper tanks there :)