Just a few minutes ago as I was eating lunch at my condo building's cafeteria, I witnessed the most distressing thing! The caf had a TV and it was showing a popular noontime game show, and they were presenting this award to one of the comediennes for some sort of entertainment service.

She was wearing a long skirt cocktail dress made out of a silver, scaly, glimmering material that had diagonal dark shades over the whole dress. And to literally top it off, she was wearing on her head a 1 gallon fishbowl half-filled with water, with a blue veil tail Betta in it!

I was like thinking that the poor boy was being jiggled and jostled in there as that woman bobbed and wobbled around the set. Remember this is a game show so there were also lights flashing and loud sounds blasting from all around! Then I went flaming that they could do such a thing! I'll bet they wouldn't try the same thing with a kitten, puppy or even a hamster! I wanted to go straight to the network and tell off the producer for being cruel to animals!

Then I just felt really sad :'( :'( :'( cause I knew they would think I was crazy getting all worked up over 'just a fish'... Now all I wanted to do was just reach into the TV and rescue the poor prop Betta...


Later on I observed that the comedienne looked like she was getting a headache or a stiff neck from the 4 lbs of weight on her head, and consoled myself in a slightly vindictive way at her discomfort. But that was nothing compared to the poor fish's experience of course. Sad sad sad. :'(


Some people are just clueless...


that is absolutely criminal. That woman should be very afraid because ill let my clownfih onto her and theyll pay her back for mistreating a betta

my clowns will do anything for me

I wish some shows would actually take it more serious then just saying "Its just a fish" because when they say that I just wanna punch em all in the face and walk off.

It makes me so mad.

When I am older I am going to open my own fish store and all of you should come visit it.


From Matt


I've seen a lot of shows do this to fish... it's kinda sad..


Oh my gosh! That is horrible. I don't get people sometimes.


The use of small animals as accessories is not uncommon. Look at all of the Paris Hilton wannabes who carry their chihuahuas (or other small dogs) with them wherever they go. I've seen people bring their dogs into restaurants (in general, considered to be a health hazard, and most restaurants, as well as some cities and counties, ban doing so, except in the case of aid dogs).

The French worked birdcages into huge hairdos.
America's Next Top Model used bejeweled cockroaches as accessories. In another season, a tarantula was used as an accessory.
Various people have used snakes (generally constrictor snakes) as such.
I've seen the disco shoes meant to hold goldfish (talk about torture.)

This isn't to say that all of these things are horrible. For example, I doubt a cockroach is much aware of the jewels attached to its carapace, and is probably happy that it's well-fed. It was more to illustrate that this isn't an isolated thing: Many people simply see animals as objects, on par with jewels and precious metals.


I read of a purse that had a window and a betta bowl inside


I hope the person who came up with the idea slipped on some of the betta's water and broke their leg.
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That's really sad.


Sirdarksol is correct in whta he said. None-the-less this is still disgraceful and I truly hope the betta bit the lady on her nose

From Matt

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