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    I have 2 20-30 gallon inground ponds, I was wondering what fish I can keep in them this summer. I live in New York so the temperature isn’t to high. I wanna try to breed something cool maybe killies or rainbows would that work? Also feel free to give ideas on stock. I might also be getting a 50 gallon ponds so any help will be great.
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    This is them so you have an idea Image1555972424.175796.jpg
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    When it becomes winter, are you going to move the fish indoors?

    Or place a heater in each mini pond?

    I like how you've bricked it in.

    At a minimum, I would throw in a sponge filter.

    Liveaquaria.com has a Laguna Pond Air Pump on clearance for $17.50.

    It's made to run outdoors and for ponds. Perfect for running sponge filters in your setup
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    Yeah I’m going to try it without for now. I’m doing a lot of plants outside this summer and I wanted to try and breed some cool fish. And I have tanks in side ready for babies.
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