Outdoor plant for tub, suggestions please.


I’m no gardener, I have khaki thumbs rather than green, in other words I can keep undemanding plants alive, anything that needs tlc forget it

Ok here’s my question.....I have a large round planter by my front door that needs a plant/shrub to brighten up the doorstep.
Now this plant would have to withstand full sun for 90% of the day in the summer & gale force winds & anything else our British winter can throw at us... snow, torrential rain, hailstorms etc.
An evergreen shrub would be nice if there is one that doesn’t grow too tall & meets the criteria, any suggestions very welcome


The first thing that comes to my mind is a juniper—they're hardy to Canadian winters (so shouldn't have any issues with UK temps), come in a variety of forms (creeping or more upright—also not much of a gardener!), and super undemanding. Every couple years I hack ours back down to a size that I'm okay with; it's fairly prolific.

Hopefully you'll get an ACTUAL gardener to come up with some better ideas, but it's at least a start!
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Thank you, any suggestions help
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