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Hello everyone, joined Fishlore maybe a few weeks ago and have been reading a bunch of stuff on this forum before that and this is the first question I haven’t found an answer to haha.
So, my situation is this. Been thinking about having an outdoor aquarium (55gallon standard tank). I live in South Florida(Miami area), so the cold wouldn’t be an issue, but mosquitos and lots of rain kind of concern me. My question is basically what fish would you guys recommend and how would I achieve being as low tech as possible to avoid the rain destroying equipment?

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A lot of people might consider their ponds outdoor aquariums.

I do, as ponds go it's not *that* big, at around 350 gallons. It has a filter, plants, goldfish and snails. (There might even be some shrimp, if the ghost shrimp experiment works out.)

Last year I ran a 55 gallon nursery pond for surprise fry and neighborhood tadpoles. I haven't set that one back up yet, but my 30 gallon holding pond ran all winter.

I have seen photographs of patio aquariums as you are envisioning. As I recall, they had hardy tropical fish in them that could contend with water that was in the 80s.

I would think placement would be key to success. Too much sunlight would yield a greenwater factory. Then again, if the tank was stocked with Flag fish and a pleco, that might be desireable.

For immediate answers, I would do a search, both here and on the wider net , for threads on outdoor aquariums.
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