Our new family

  1. Nick Della Rocca

    Nick Della Rocca Valued Member Member

    So I went to go to a private lfs over the weekend just to see what cool stuff they had and possably grab some more plants. Well Lets just say that didnt happen. I have been looking for some CPO in my area. Everyone says they dont carry them or there not in season. Well to my luck, Im looking some some weird fresh water eel looking thing that burrows its body and just its head is out of the sand. and sure enough on a little 5 gallon tank sitting on top he had about 7 CPOS. I looked at my son and he said lets do itt! So Of coarse I did it. Everyone seems to be getting along. I got 2. I asked for a male and a female but the I dont think the guy new what he was doing, So Ill have to try to get pictures of the underside when I can for help on that. but here they are yimg-1131663072-1-366271165.jpg yimg-1131663072-1--850354405.jpg

    I tried to sex them while they were in the bag, butI could not really tell. But we have names. just need to make sure they work. But thats besides the point. As soon as I can get a decent picture of their underside I will post them!
  2. junebug

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    Nice! I've been considering getting one of these guys myself. They're adorable and such friendly little dudes.
  3. OP
    Nick Della Rocca

    Nick Della Rocca Valued Member Member

    They really are. We have been watching them closely. One is a bit bigger, but is scared rather easily. But he is a climber. All over eveything, Climped my air line to the top of the water. It was so cool. the little one is a bit more outgoing. but they all seem happy. Cant wait to try to sex them. I really am interested to see if there the same sex or different. Id love to have some little babies.