Our 10g And 20g Family!!

  1. Jessica J

    Jessica J Valued Member Member

    Just a few random pics of our aquarium babies. From frank the golden mystery snail, our big ramhorn snail, thor the dumbo tail guppy, Hope the deformed guppy she has a bent spine, and some pics of our plants the one on my hand is duck weed its looking good. 20180527_203709.jpg 20180527_144045.jpg 20180527_145039.jpg 20180527_130147.jpg 20180526_223557.jpg 20180527_083333.jpg 20180526_223445.jpg 20180526_223310.jpg 20180526_203430.jpg
  2. Adrian Burke

    Adrian Burke Valued Member Member

    Be careful with the duckweed, it can get out of hand pretty fast!
  3. OP
    Jessica J

    Jessica J Valued Member Member

    Thanks for the advice, we got some from a friend a month or 2 ago its doubled in size since then lol. We love it, lookes great from the top view.